'Virtual Idol' Pink Bus, visual upgrade in progress
'Virtual Idol' Pink Bus, visual upgrade in progress
Virtual idol group PINKVERSE attempted a new change.

Pink Bus (Hanna, Ruri, Gina) first released their updated visuals through YouTube Live on the 26th.

Pink Bus, which recently announced the news of a visual renewal through its official SNS, collected opinions from fans and conducted the first update. This visual update is special in that it was carried out quickly after monitoring fans' opinions.

An official said, “Through this update, the faces and heads of all characters, including Haena, Ruri, and Gina, have been modified. Partial fixes were made immediately, and a major update, 2.0 Remake, is scheduled for September. “We plan to conduct periodic monitoring and collect other opinions to encompass subculture and main culture,” he said.

Virtual idol Pink Bus officially debuted in the music industry with 'Call Devil' on the 30th of last month. Pink Bus, which became a hot topic among K-pop fans after releasing a new song, boasted a steady rise by achieving high views through various contents.

In addition, Pink Bus is captivating fans by boasting witty remarks, unique visuals, and outstanding skills through weekly live broadcasts. Expectations are high for the Pink Bus' move to approach fans with a newer look.

Meanwhile, Pink Bus runs live every Wednesday and Friday at 7 PM on its official YouTube channel.
Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google