Return of Trot Summer Queen... Song Min-kyung releases teaser for new song ‘Really Cool’
Return of Trot Summer Queen... Song Min-kyung releases teaser for new song ‘Really Cool’
The music video teaser video for singer Song Min-kyung's new song 'Jin is cool' has been released.

At 00:00 on the 12th, Song Min-kyung of Arts Roy ENT released the music video teaser for her new song 'Jinyamja' through her official SNS and YouTube channel and announced that her comeback was imminent.

In the released music video teaser, Song Min-kyung's dancers danced under the studio background and lights that gave off the refreshing feel of midsummer, revealing part of the music for her new song 'Jinyamjajja' and highly addictive point choreography, drawing attention.

In particular, Song Min-kyung in the teaser depicts an airflow full of excitement in love, and contains lively gestures and facial expressions that exude a lovely energy, raising curiosity about the new visuals and styling that will be shown in 'It's Really Cool'.

In addition, the fresh visuals and inescapable unique charm, as befits the title of 'Trot idol', deeply capture Song Min-kyung's refreshing refreshing feeling, further raising expectations for the main story.

The new song 'It's True' is a summer song that expresses Song Min-kyung's unique, bouncy and bright musical color. It is expected to intuitively express the image of a woman in love through the melody and dreamy lyrics that make you feel like you're at a resort.

Meanwhile, Song Min-kyung will release her new song 'It's Really Cool' through various online music sites at noon on June 15th and begin her comeback activities.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
translated by google