Bad Villain, 9 types of costumes in the ‘Y3K → Catwoman’ music video
Bad Villain, 9 types of costumes in the ‘Y3K → Catwoman’ music video
Big Planet Made Entertainment's new girl group BADVILLAIN is attracting attention as a Generation Z fashion icon following its record-breaking debut stage.

Bad Villain released their first single 'OVERSTEP' on the 3rd and released the music video for the title song 'BADVILLAIN'.

The 'BADVILLAIN' music video is expected to exceed 30 million views within four days of its release on YouTube, with its intense addiction and musical perfection, difficult and powerful choreography that can change the standard of K-girl group performance so far, and the members' overwhelming skills creating the best synergy. It's getting such a big response.

At the same time, the flashy fashion shown by Bad Villain in the music video is also attracting attention.

In this music video, Bad Villain showed off a total of 9 outfits. The number of outfits shown by rookies in music videos is quite large, but what stands out even more is the fashion sense and storytelling hidden within it.

First, the bad villain chose an all-white outfit and a color block outfit to visually show the 'broadcast station takeover' incident. The white costume had the effect of showing off the group dance neatly, and the black-based color block costume, which was the opposite of the white costume, added emphasis and fun.

Future-oriented fashion was also introduced. Y3K costume and cyber costume are those. Y3K refers to future clothing from the 3000s, and appears in military dance scenes and story scenes set in abandoned apartments. Using futuristic details, graphics, and colors, it strikes a retro-future balance and expresses the free-spirited appearance of a bad villain.

The cyber costume that looks like it just came out of a spaceship was worn in the climax, Mega Crusine, and was styled to maximize the heterogeneous feeling of a bad villain dancing among many people to create a sense of immersion.

Meanwhile, in a space reminiscent of an interrogation room and a mug shot, the free casual look that brings out each individual's personality raises curiosity as to why they had no choice but to become bad villains, and the gothic grunge and gothcore mood costumes based on black color The image of members who became villains taking over the media was emphasized. In addition, the Catwoman concept costume symbolizes the seven heroes, while also expressing the will to break the prejudices of the world and move forward.

At the same time, she did not forget to show the unexpected charm of a bad villain with a rough but delicate and gorgeous beauty in a dress and purple tie-dye costume.

Hip and colorful fashion that captures the charm of various bad villains is capturing the attention of global K-pop fans and adding to the fun of watching.

Bad Villain is a new girl group released by Big Planet Made Entertainment 3 years after its establishment. It consists of Emma from Mnet's 'Street Woman Fighter', Chloe Young from 1 Million, Huey and Yunseo, who became known through MBC's 'After School Excitement', and 'Secret Weapon'. ' It is a 7-member girl group consisting of Ina Vin Kelly.

They plan to continue their active activities with ‘BADVILLAIN’.

Meanwhile, Big Planet Made Entertainment, to which Bad Villain belongs, includes singers Taemin, Lee Moo-jin, VIVIZ (Eunha, Shinbi, Umji), Bio, Ha Sung-woon, Ren, Huh Gak, performance directors Kasper and Kanye, and singer and actor Lee Seung-gi. , a comprehensive entertainment company that entertainer Lee Soo-geun belongs to, has strong K-content competitiveness based on solid planning and production capabilities and new talent development capabilities.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google