Boy Next Door “I can’t believe it’s the 1st anniversary of my debut, I will leave a mark in the music industry” [Q&A]
Boy Next Door “I can’t believe it’s the 1st anniversary of my debut, I will leave a mark in the music industry” [Q&A]
“We will become ‘Boys Next Door’ who approach things honestly and without embellishment.”

BOYNEXTDOOR, who knocked on the door of the music industry on May 30, 2023 with a friendliness that makes people want to hang out together, celebrated its first anniversary since its debut.

BoyNextdoor (Seongho, Liu, Myung Jaehyun, Taesan, Lee Han, Woonhak) started with the debut single ‘WHO!’, the 1st mini album ‘WHY..’, and the 2nd mini album ‘HOW?’ How?), he was active by releasing three albums. As their team name suggests, they gained sympathy from the public by expressing through music the various emotions in everyday life that a boy living next door would feel.

Boy Next Door created a fresh sensation with a performance using doors in their debut song 'One and Only', and honestly poured out the pride of youth in 'What Does It Look Like', a powerful song from the title. 'Earth, Wind & Fire' attracted attention as a section that attempted to use its own speed effect. In this way, they have raised expectations for each album with their differentiated personalities and have established themselves as a 'trustworthy Boy Next Door' (Midbonek) within a year of their debut.

Boy Next Door, who are creating their own style with overflowing talent and solid creative capabilities, gave a Q&A looking back on the past year through their agency, KOZ Entertainment.
Boy Next Door “I can’t believe it’s the 1st anniversary of my debut, I will leave a mark in the music industry” [Q&A]
Boy Next Door “I can’t believe it’s the 1st anniversary of my debut, I will leave a mark in the music industry” [Q&A]
Q. How do you feel about the 1st anniversary of your debut?
Seongho: I still vividly remember filming our debut show ‘BOYNEXTDOOR TONIGHT’, and I can’t believe it’s already been one year.
Liu: I am most grateful to ONEDOOR (fandom name), who has given me only happy and precious memories over the past year. We will continue to make many happy memories together and work hard to make music not just for one year, but for 10, 100, and 400 more years.
Jaehyun Myung: I felt like time was passing too quickly. And the more I work, the more responsibility I feel.
Taesan: It's hard to believe that a year has already passed. I want to continue to be a singer who works with a grateful heart.
Lee Han: Looking back, I have so many memories. I was incredibly happy and it went by quickly.
Woonhak: I think it's really crazy that a year has already passed. I would like to repay One Door for supporting me by working hard without losing this spirit.

Q. The most memorable moment of the year
Seongho: 2nd mini album ‘HOW?’ The moment I cried in front of the fans at the comeback show. When I think of that time, many emotions pass by.
Liu: I'm so scared that I can't even stand on my head, but the most memorable moment was when I practiced and practiced to show the freeze (b-boying movement) on stage at the end-of-year awards ceremony last year and succeeded.
Jaehyun Myung: From the day of my debut, every moment of producing each album comes to mind.
Taesan: The moment I debuted. I can’t forget the amazing feeling I felt when I met my fans for the first time.
Lee Han: I remember the night before our first performance. I was really excited and couldn't sleep well because I was so excited about being able to show everything I had prepared.
Unhak: I remember the day of filming the 2nd mini album comeback show the most. The sight of One Door people holding cheering sticks at that time was impressive.

Q. It seems like teamwork has become stronger over the past year. What are the members like to each person?
Seongho: People who make me think, ‘I’m glad we’re together’ when things are hard and tiring.
Liu: The existence called ‘life’. No matter what situation or mood, we are always together and share many things in real time and work together, so it has now become a natural part of my life.
Jaehyun Myung: I often feel like we are like family. They are the people who give me responsibility so that I can rise up when I am having a hard time.
Taesan: To me, the members are ‘people I care about.’
Lee Han: It’s amazing that we can know each other’s emotional state without having to say anything. To me, the members are just family. Perhaps more attached than family.
Unhak: No matter what we do, we trust each other. As we perform while trusting each other, I can feel our energy and each person's charisma becoming stronger on stage.

Q. You are gaining popularity with your witty music and performances. The reason why BoyNextdoor’s music is loved according to the members’ thoughts
Seongho: I think it's because we show a stage that only BoyNextdoor can do with honest expressions and gestures.
Lee Han: I think honesty is our charm. I think Boy Next Door's biggest charm is that the members' personalities and personalities are naturally reflected in the music and on stage.

Q. You actively participate in music work. What the members want to keep in the team’s music
Liu: In terms of performance, we consider whether the gesture is difficult for the public and fans to understand, whether it is a story we would actually say, and whether it fits well.
Jaehyun Myung: We compose songs and put together performances to bring out our natural charm as much as possible, rather than a fake appearance on stage.
Taesan: I think it’s important to reveal the members’ individuality. And I have a great desire to do things that others cannot do.
Unhak: The most important thing is to include our emotions. I work with the thought that the concern of “what emotions we are feeling right now and how to convey our sincerity” should be felt through the music.

Q. What does One Door mean to the members?
Seongho: He is someone who gives me strength and allows me to work with a happy heart every day.
Liu: I would say that's why I sing. We sang for One Door, who loved us in the past and even now, and we will continue to do so in the future.
Jaehyun Myung: My whole world and the person who lifts me up. In fact, I think it is something that is difficult to describe in any words.
Taesan: It is indispensable. I am always grateful and I will do my best to make you feel proud of me in the future. i love you.
Lee Han: I want to see you even if you are there, I want to see you even if you are not there, I am so very thankful and I love you. “One Door is the best”
Woonhak: Like you, Onedoor, I will always become a singer who knows how to express love. I am always grateful, and no matter where I am or what I do, I will support One Door and love you unconditionally.

Q. Dreams you would like to achieve as Boy Next Door in the future
Seongho: We want to stay healthy and active for a long time and remain as a group that represents a generation.
Liu: I want to achieve first place on every music show.
Jaehyun Myung: The six of us have been working as a team for a long time.
Taesan: I want to work hard and become an artist who leaves a mark in the music industry.
Lee Han: I want to be the happiest person and happiest team member in the world.
Unhak: I have a lot of dreams, but I want to finish the upcoming fan meeting well and have a concert as the next chapter. I want to make my dream come true step by step.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google