Le Seraphim selected as the monthly artist of ‘MTV PUSH’ in the US
Le Seraphim selected as the monthly artist of ‘MTV PUSH’ in the US
LE SSERAFIM was the first K-pop girl group to be selected as a global campaign artist for 'MTV PUSH'.

According to MTV, an American music broadcasting station, on the 3rd (local time), Le Seraphim (Chae-won Kim, Sakura, Yun-jin Heo, Kazuha, Eun-chae Hong) was selected as the artist of June for the 'MTV PUSH' campaign. 'MTV PUSH' is a global campaign that selects one artist every month and spotlights them through performance videos, interviews, digital content, etc.

On this day, MTV announced the start of the campaign by posting a performance video of Le Seraphim's 3rd mini album title song 'EASY' and b-side song 'Smart' on its official website and YouTube channel. In the released video, Le Seraphim captured attention with powerful choreography and relaxed stage manners.

Le Seraphim's 'MTV PUSH' content will later be available on MTV's official SNS channels and website, and will also be broadcast on MTV channels around the world during the month of June.

Meanwhile, Le Seraphim expanded its influence to the overseas music market by topping the US Billboard's two main charts with its 3rd mini album 'EASY' released in February. This album ranked 8th on Billboard's main album chart 'Billboard 200', and the title song of the same name as the album entered 99th place on the main song chart 'Hot 100'.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google