Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
Seungkwan, a member of the group Seventeen, expressed his gratitude to Park Bogum.

Seungkwan posted a photo taken with Seventeen members and Park Bo-gum on his Instagram in the early morning of the 3rd. In addition, they also uploaded photos of themselves visiting the VIP preview of the movie 'Wonderland' and of them spending time at the beach, attracting the attention of fans.

Seungkwan said, "In the early days of our debut, on a music show where most people didn't know us, he smiled brightly and said, 'I really like the song 'When I Grow Up'. It may have just been a song he heard by chance and he liked it, but at the time, he told us that he liked the b-side song, not the title song. “The only person who told me was my senior,” he said, expressing his special feelings for Park Bo-gum.
Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
Seventeen Seungkwan thanks Park Bogum
He praised Park Bo-gum's warm personality, saying, "I have never once received a greeting without smiling." After watching 'Wonderland' starring Park Bo-gum, Seungkwan said, "I hope that a world like Wonderland will come, and I have expectations that such a world will come someday."

Finally, Seungkwan tagged Park Bo-gum's account, writing, "I met a warm and good senior in my life and watched a warm and good movie. Thank you, brother." Netizens who saw this left warm comments such as, “I can feel that they are both good people,” “I am crying because of the early morning emotions,” “I really want to see ‘Wonderland,’” and “I hope their friendship lasts forever.” 'Wonderland', starring Park Bo-gum, Tang Wei, Suzy, Jung Yu-mi, and Choi Woo-sik, will be released in theaters on the 5th of this month.

Below is the full text of Boo Seung-gwan’s SNS.

At the beginning of debut,
On music shows where most people didn’t know us well
Smiling brightly and speaking first
“I really like the song ‘When I Grow Up’”
I may have just said this because I liked a song I overheard, but
To us at the time
The only person who told me that they liked the b-side song and not the title song was my senior.
I remember it being a point of pride among us throughout our activities.
Even when we meet after that
I have never received a greeting without smiling even once.

We received the grand prize at the MAMA awards ceremony that we met after a long time.
He came to us first while we were taking a group photo.
“Congratulations so much. Let’s take a picture together!”
Almost 10 years have passed
The sincere congratulations and smiles were still there.

That's how we ended up going to the premiere.
It was full of senior people.
I'm just grateful to have been invited in
A movie I had to watch quietly.
I was so moved.

Even when I watch hero movies
Even if you watch a time slip movie that turns back time,
A movie is just a movie, honestly there is no possibility of it being realized.
I used to watch movies as if I was satisfied with what I was seeing and give a rating.

I saw Wonderland
Watching a movie for the first time
I hope a world like Wonderland comes,
I have hopes that such a world will come someday.

Leaving its importance intact
Just a little bit of sadness
What if there was a breakup that could be resolved?
Even if it's an illusion,

What's left is limited
Memories are gradually being forgotten and fading away
I'm not the only one missing you
Everyone asks how each other is doing
Have you eaten and what is the weather like?
As we each spend another day, if we remember
The feeling of having a beer
Even if there is no sound of glasses clinking
Artificial intelligence or whatever.
If only I could feel it in some form.
Then, will it break down a little less?
While idly imagining
Coming back to reality
The regrets I had stored away also come flooding back.

Warmth towards people
These days, I feel more precious.
You can't be a good person to everyone
To everyone who helped me live
I really want to become a good person
I started doing it again after seeing my senior.

With a senior who cannot be said to be close
So much for just one movie I happened to see
I want to say it in detail, but
It's a movie that leaves a deep impression on me.

in my life
I met a warm and good senior
I watched a warm and good movie
Thank you bro!

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google