Aespa, which cannot be stepped on, ranks first in iTunes Top Albums in 25 regions
Aespa, which cannot be stepped on, ranks first in iTunes Top Albums in 25 regions
Group Aespa continues the box office success of 'Supernova' with its first full-length album 'Armageddon'.

Aespa's 1st full-length album 'Armageddon', released on the 27th, topped the iTunes Top Album Chart including the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Not only did it record its own highest score by ranking first in 25 regions around the world, including Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkye, Uzbekistan, and Chile, but it also topped the worldwide iTunes album chart.

In addition, Aespa topped the integrated K-pop chart of five music platforms under China's Tencent Music, ranked first on the QQ Music digital album sales chart, and was certified as a double platinum album within 3 hours of release (given when sales exceed 2 million yuan), overall and Korea. They proved their extraordinary power by sweeping various global charts, including #1 on the music video chart, #1 on Kugou Music's digital album sales chart, #1 on the Japanese local platform AWA's real-time surge chart, and #1 on the mora foreign song latest and daily charts.

In addition, the title song 'Armageddon' is on the rise, ranking in the top 10 on major domestic music charts such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie, and the songs included in this album also entered the TOP 100, showing listeners' interest in Aespa's first full-length album. This confirmed the intense interest once again.

Aespa achieved a 'perfect all-kill' with another previously released title song, 'Supernova', by ranking first in real-time, daily, and weekly major domestic music charts such as Melon TOP100/HOT100, Bugs, and Genie, and achieved cumulative streaming on Spotify. As the number of views continues to exceed 33 million, attention is being paid to the ranking competition between 'Armageddon' Aespa and 'Supernova' Aespa.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google