Sunmi looks dreamy with her wet straight hair hanging down
Sunmi looks dreamy with her wet straight hair hanging down
Sunmi will return with a new digital single on June 13th.

Sunmi released the comeback poster for her new digital single 'Balloon in Love' through her official SNS channel today on the 27th. The comeback poster specified the comeback date as 2024.06.13.18:00 (KST), and the comeback countdown began in earnest.

In the image, Sunmi is staring at the camera with her long wet black hair hanging down. The analog and vintage colors and Sunmi's neat visuals heightened expectations by capturing the dreamy feeling of early summer.

In addition, it is curious that it contains some lyrics that hint at the atmosphere and story of the new song, such as 'It's gonna blow up', 'I'm a balloon in love', 'I fall in love with you', and 'We're running running'. was maximized.

This digital single is a song with a bright atmosphere that contrasts with existing music, raising expectations for a new Sunmi pop. The music industry's attention is focused on what kind of music Sunmi, who has released songs that go well with the summer season to the point where she was given the title 'Sunmi in summer,' will decorate this early summer.

Sunmi's songs include 'The Heat Is Rise', 'Gashina', 'Heroine', 'Noir', 'Lalaly', 'Purple Night', 'Tail', and 'STRANGER' released last year. Each song released has an unconventional concept and addictive melody, earning it various qualifiers such as ‘concept craftsman’ and ‘sunmi pop’.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google