Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Group IV (IVE: Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-eul, Ray, Jang Won-young, Liz, Lee-seo) successfully completed the 'Ive Switch' activity.

According to his agency Starship Entertainment, Ive finished promoting his second EP album 'IVE SWITCH' on SBS' 'Inkigayo' on the 19th.

Ive, who continued his music broadcast activities with the double title song 'HEYA' and 'Accendio' of 'Ive Switch' released on the 29th of last month, showed off his various charms with two songs that offer a dramatic twist.

Ive, who has shown self-achievement with a confident attitude and has established an unrivaled team color, has met the change in confidence at the optimal time, targeting the tastes of global K-pop fans.

Member Jang Won-young expressed his strength in the process of communicating with fans through 'Blue Heart', in which he participated as the sole lyricist, and confirmed his further growth in the musical spectrum.

With this album, Ive achieved four consecutive million-sellers, entered the top ranks of major music charts at home and abroad, and ranked first in the idol group brand reputation in May 2024. In the girl group individual brand reputation, Jang Won-young ranked first and Ahn Yu-jin ranked second, showing unwavering popularity. Proved.
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
In addition, Ive was selected as one of the '30 Influential Under 30 in Asia' list by the U.S. economic magazine Forbes, which annually selects 30 leaders under the age of 30 in 10 fields, including healthcare, finance, arts, and sports, in 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. He received the honor of being the only K-pop artist to be listed on the 'FORBES 30 UNDER 30 ASIA 2024 LIST'.

In addition, Ive appeared separately and together on various TV programs such as 'Excuse Go' and 'Hal Myung-soo' on the YouTube channel 'Tteottteun', as well as various TV programs such as SBS' 'Running Man' and MBC's 'King of Mask Singer', showing off the charms of each of the six members. It was praised as a rediscovery of Ive and left a mark on the public.

After successfully completing his 'Ive Switch' activities, Ive will begin his first world tour 'IVE THE 1ST WORLD TOUR 'SHOW WHAT I HAVE' in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London in June. , performances will be held in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Santiago, and in July and August, performances will be held in Hong Kong, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, and Jakarta. In particular, thanks to the enthusiastic support of fans, the group continues to meet global fans by adding more performances in Hong Kong and other places.

In addition, Ive will participate in global music festivals such as 'Lollapalooza Chicago' in the US and 'SUMMER SONIC 2024' in Japan in August, as well as hold a world concert at Tokyo Dome in Japan for two days from September 4th to 5th. The tour's 'Show What I Have' encore performance will be held to spur global activities.

Ive, who is raising expectations for his future activities with 'Ive Switch', gave a Q&A regarding the successful completion of his activities.
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Below is the full Q&A with Ive.

Q. How do you feel about recently wrapping up ‘Ive Switch’ activities and celebrating 900 days since your debut?

Yujin Ahn: I think I showed a lot of different sides of myself through this activity, so I think it was a very memorable activity for me personally. I believe that Ive was able to safely reach the 900th day of his debut thanks to the support and love of our Dive (official fan club name). I am always so thankful.

Gaeul: Thank you for loving ‘Ive Switch’ so much. I would like to express my gratitude and love to our members and Dive who have always been by our side and supported us over the past 900 days.

Ray: This activity was so fun that it felt like it went by really quickly. I hope it was an activity that fans can remember happily. I am always grateful to Dive for always loving Ive.

Jang Won-young: I really enjoyed this activity because I was able to show a lot of different sides of myself through the ‘Haya’ and ‘Ascendio’ activities, and more than anything, it was an activity that made me happier because I was with Dive. Thanks to Dive's support, I was able to cheer up and finish this activity safely, and I hope that you will continue to be with me like you are now.

Liz: It was fun because I felt like I was able to change my style and show various aspects of myself through this activity. I'm really grateful for the 900 days, and I hope you'll keep watching because I have a lot to show you in the future.

Lee Seo: The 'Ive Switch' promotions in which I tried many transformations have come to an end, and all the moments I spent with the fans were truly memorable and happy times. I want to be with Dive every day for the next 9,000 days or 90,000 days.

Q. How does it feel to be the only K-pop singer to appear in the ‘2024 Forbes 30 Leaders Under 30’?

Yujin Ahn: I'm happy to be able to list Ive's name in the honorable title of '30 Influential People Under 30 in Asia.' I thought I should approach the stage with more responsibility in line with my title, and I will continue to work hard to become an Ive who can provide a more positive influence.

Q. Jang Wonyoung's participation in writing lyrics is always a hot topic, but during this promotion, she is becoming an issue with 'Wonyoung's turn', 'Wonyoung's thinking', and 'Lucky Vicky'. How do you feel about it?

Wonyoung Jang: I was surprised when I heard that ‘Wonyoung’s turn’ and ‘Wonyoung’s way of thinking’ were being loved, and I was very grateful that people were looking at my actions with affection and interest. If I have been a positive force for someone even just for a little while through my 'spiritual thinking', that in itself is truly fortunate for me.

Q. In addition to music broadcast activities, this activity also attracted attention with other attractive eyebrows such as entertainment content and challenges.

Yujin Ahn: I think this activity has been an opportunity for all members, including me, to show off a variety of sides. In particular, as I participated in a variety of activities this time, I think it was an even more special activity because I was able to participate in the 'Have to Do' challenge with many seniors who I couldn't normally see. While I am away from the country for a while due to world tours and overseas promotions, 'Jirak's Jump, Run, Run, Run, Run, Run' will be aired, so I hope you will love it a lot.

Liz: It was fun because I felt like I was able to show a variety of sides of myself through appearances on ‘Simplely’, ‘Work Doll’, and ‘King of Mask Singer’. As it was a diverse activity, I was very proud to feel that the fans were enjoying it as well.

Ray: It was great to meet a variety of fans, from ‘Favorite Teacher’ to recently ‘Running Man’. I'm so happy that I'm doing a lot of things that I couldn't experience through content shooting, including 'Follow Me,' and I'm having more fun filming it. Not long ago, my personal content 'Let's Copy' received a silver button, and I want to show you a lot of more interesting content up to the gold button.

Gaeul: As a promotional activity for 'Ive Switch', I filmed various contents with the members and also by myself, and it seemed like the fans liked it a lot, so it was a very happy activity for me as well. Among them, we filmed a content called 'Dancing Friends' with elementary school friends, and it was a time to return to our childhood. It was amazing to see friends who knew all about Ive's dance, and it was so cute to see them really like us.

Lee Seo: This time, I welcomed Ive’s comeback as the MC of ‘Inkigayo’. So I think this activity will be more special and memorable for a long time. As my sisters and fans are supporting me a lot, I want to show that both MC Lee Seo-ro and Ive Lee Seo-ro have grown a lot in the future.

Q. After successfully completing domestic activities, you are planning to meet the global public in earnest through the Lollapalooza and Summer Sonic festivals along with the world tour 'Show What I Have'. How do you feel?

Liz: I got to stand on the global festival stage, and it would feel different from the world tour stage, so I was nervous but also very excited. We are working hard to prepare not only for the dive but also to show a good stage as many people join us.

Lee Seo: It is a great honor for Ive to be able to stand on the stage of an overseas festival, and since it is a stage with the global public, we are preparing to make it a stage that everyone can enjoy, so I hope you will support us a lot.

Wonyoung Jang: There are more and more opportunities to stand on the global stage, so I am preparing hard every day with a very grateful heart. I know that many global people are joining us at all the festivals we are attending this time. As this is a stage where many people will be together, we are doing our best to prepare to leave a good impression, so please look forward to it.

Q. Lastly, a word to Dive.

Yujin Ahn: Dive, I am really grateful for this activity, and I will show you a great side of Ive during the world tour and festival, so let’s make many good memories in the future.

Autumn: I will become an autumn that always grows so that I can become an Ive that Dive can be proud of. Thank you always and I love you.

Ray: The 900 days I spent with Dive were so precious and happy that I look forward to the days ahead. Let's see each other for a long time.

Wonyoung Jang: Just having Dive by Ive's side gives me great strength, and I think he's really lucky. Thank you always.

Liz: I think that Ive's 900 days were able to shine even more because of Dive. May the moments we have together in the future be filled only with happiness.

Yiseo: Dive Thank you for loving us so much, and we will become Yiseo who can always show you how to improve.
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Ive Jang Won-young "I'm amazed by the love of 'Wonyoung-like thinking'"
Meanwhile, following the successful completion of the US tour in March, Ive plans to continue his first world tour 'Show What I Have' at the 'Accor Arena' in Paris, France on June 4 (local time). .

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google