Min Hee-jin "HYBE plagiarized and ignored New Jeans" VS HYBE "It's deplorable that New Jeans parents are put first"
Min Hee-jin "HYBE plagiarized and ignored New Jeans" VS HYBE "It's deplorable that New Jeans parents are put first"
HYBE and Adore CEO Min Hee-jin are running parallel paths on many issues.

On the morning of the 13th, a media outlet reported the full contents of an email that CEO Min Hee-jin sent to HYBE to the effect that 'Aillet plagiarized New Genes.' In addition, New Genes parents added that they claimed and condemned Chairman Bang Si-hyuk's treatment and disregard through email, saying, "Chairman Bang Si-hyuk did not even receive greetings from New Genes members."

In response, HYBE said this afternoon, "We received the email in question on April 3rd, and already responded on April 16th, confirming that it was not plagiarism," and added, "The Adore incident started with poor treatment, such as not receiving greetings. “We would like to tell you that the statement ‘It is done’ is also a one-sided claim and untrue. We feel very sorry for the old practice of CEO Min, who is dragging artists and their families into his fight for his own greed.” did.

HYBE said, "Our company said that ▲ sending emails attacking HYBE started as a plan to seize management rights and pursue private interests. ▲ CEO Min said that if he raised the issue, it would be a violation of the shareholder agreement, so let's put his parents first. One point ▲We are securing evidence as the email itself said to have been sent by the parents was written by Vice President L and Representative Min, not the parents," he said. "We plan to submit this as evidence to investigative and judicial agencies."

HYBE also said, “We cannot help but deplore the behavior of CEO Min Hee-jin, who uses artists as shields to pursue private interests and even puts her parents first. We urge you once again to refrain from trying to mislead public opinion and to exercise self-respect to protect the value of artists. “He raised his voice.

Meanwhile, HYBE is taking steps to dismiss CEO Min. HYBE, which owns 80% of Adore's shares, plans to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders by exercising its rights and pass a motion to dismiss CEO Min.

However, in response to this, Representative Min filed a request with the court for a provisional injunction against HYBE from exercising its voting rights. The request for temporary injunction is to prevent HYBE, which owns 80% of Adore's shares, from exercising its voting rights on the dismissal of CEO Min at the extraordinary shareholders' meeting.

The interrogation date related to this will be held on the 17th, and major variables are expected depending on whether or not the court cites the matter thereafter. If the injunction application is rejected, HYBE can end this situation by claiming to exercise shareholders' rights and replacing Adore's management. On the other hand, if the court upholds the request for a preliminary injunction, HYBE's plans will be disrupted.

The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will be held on the 31st.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google