Espa is here, explosive energy to be presented through ‘Supernova’ performance
Espa is here, explosive energy to be presented through ‘Supernova’ performance
aespa (SM Entertainment) presents explosive energy with a performance of 'Supernova', the double title song from their first full-length album.

Espa's new song 'Supernova', which will be released at 6 pm on the 13th, is a dance song with an impressive minimal track sound based on heavy kick and bass, with hitmaker KENZIE participating in the lyrics and composition, and the lyrics have a different dimension. By comparing the beginning of the door-opening event to a supernova, the story of season 2 of the expanded worldview is predicted, and you can experience Espa's unique musical color.

In particular, the point of this performance is the large and cool movements that express explosive energy, just like the song name meaning 'supernova', and it contains a variety of charms, from powerful yet disciplined choreography to restrained yet hip choreography, confirming Espa's performance skills that have grown further. It's enough to do it.

In addition, Aespa has been releasing teaser images and clips of the 'Superbeing' concept sequentially through official SNS since the 7th, and at midnight on the 9th, the four members transformed into powerful visuals are included. It caught attention.

Meanwhile, Espa will release a total of 10 songs in various genres, including another title song 'Armageddon', at 6 PM on the 27th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google