BTS RM stares at the camera for 10 seconds
BTS RM stares at the camera for 10 seconds
BTS RM released the music video teaser for the pre-released song 'Come back to me'.

The teaser video posted on the team's official SNS at midnight on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time) begins with a dreamy sound that captivates the ears. This teaser shows RM staring straight ahead, absorbed in something for about 10 seconds. Additionally, the mysterious wound around RM's eye and the smoke rising from behind the character further maximize the sensuous atmosphere of the video.

The music video for 'Come back to me' is a hot topic because the world's most prestigious production team participated. Director Lee Seong-jin, who directed Netflix's 'Angry People', was in charge of directing, producing, and writing the screenplay. And art director Ryu Seong-hee, who participated in the films 'Decision to Break Up' and 'Assassination', and cinematographer Kim Woo-hyung of the films '1987' and 'Late Autumn' collaborated, and actress Kim Min-ha appeared.

Big Hit Music said, “The music video for ‘Come back to me’ was completed by RM and the talented production team, so you will feel like you are watching a short film. “Please show a lot of interest in the song and music video,” he said, raising expectations.

Meanwhile, 'Come back to me', which will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1 PM on the 10th, is a pre-released song from RM's 2nd solo album 'Right Place, Wrong Person', which will be released on the 24th. 'Come back to me' is an indie pop genre song that contains concerns about 'right and wrong', the main theme of the new album.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google