"ILLIT is an imitation of New Jeans...Bang Si-hyuk, unposted to cover up copy"
"ILLIT is an imitation of New Jeans...Bang Si-hyuk, unposted to cover up copy"
Adore CEO Min Hee-jin, who produced the group New Jeans, took aim at Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk. ILLIT, produced by Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, became angry, claiming that they had copied New Jeans.

In an official press release sent in Adore's name, CEO Min Hee-jin defined Hive's exercise of its right of audit against her and Adore as 'Islet's New Jeans copy incident' and said, "The cultural achievements achieved by New Jeans are owed to Hive. “It is being seriously violated.”

At the same time, he raised his voice and said that Aylit is a descendant of New Jeans and that he raised an issue with Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, but he was trying to oust Min Hee-jin.

Min Hee-jin's side emphasized in relation to this statement, "Adore has decided to announce its official position after sufficient discussion with New Jeans members and legal representatives."

Meanwhile, Hive began an audit after believing that Adore's CEO Min Hee-jin and other executives were trying to become independent from the headquarters, and is reportedly demanding CEO Min's resignation. Regarding this, Representative Min defined it as “media play.”

Below is the full statement from CEO Min Hee-jin:

hello. This is Adore Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Adore’, CEO Min Hee-jin).

In order to protect its artist, New Genes, and for the healthy development of our country's music industry and culture, Adore is making a public statement regarding 'Aillet's New Genes copy incident.'

Hive operates a multi-label system so that several labels can independently create their own music and pursue cultural diversity through this. Adore is one of those labels. However, ironically, the cultural achievements achieved by Adore and its artist New Jeans are being most seriously violated by Hive.

Belif Lab, one of Hive's labels, debuted the 5-member female idol group Aillet in March of this year. After Aillet's teaser photo was released, reactions such as 'I thought it was New Jeans' flooded the online world. Aillet is copying New Jeans in all areas of entertainment activities, including hair, makeup, costumes, choreography, photography, video, and event appearances. Eyelet is evaluated as ‘Min Hee-jin style’, ‘Min Hee-jin style’, and ‘New Jeans imitation’.

This is truly shameful. Hive's Chairman Bang Si-hyuk produced Aillet's debut album. Eyelet's copy of New Jeans was not done by the label Belif Lab alone, but Hive was also involved. Hive, a leading K-POP company, is blinded by short-term profits and copies successful cultural content without any hesitation, producing banality rather than showing newness.

New Jeans is currently preparing for a comeback in May. However, Aylit summoned Newjins, who was not active. The appearance of an imitation damaged New Jeans' image, and it became the subject of unnecessary controversy, causing concern and fatigue to fans and the public. The culprits who created this situation are Hive and Belif Lab, but the damage caused by it is entirely the responsibility of Adore and New Genes.

There is a response that it is understandable that Eyelet is similar to New Jeans since they are labels under Hive. Some even say that Adore and New Genes would have allowed or understood this similarity. However, these reactions are clearly a misunderstanding, and we would like to correct this. Multi-label is a system that allows each label to independently produce the music they want, and is by no means a system that allows other labels to follow the cultural achievements of one label just because it is an affiliated label.

And Adore has never permitted or consented to copying New Genes' achievements to anyone, including Hive and Belif Lab. Adore does not want New Jeans and Eyelet to be associated in any way. Just because we debuted under Hive's label, we have no intention of tolerating any promotion that claims we are someone's younger group.

Adore has already raised an official issue with Hive and Belif Lab regarding not only this copying incident but also a series of actions taken by Hive toward Newgenes, including this. However, Hive and Belif Lab did not admit their mistake, but were busy making excuses, and was taking time by delaying providing a specific answer. Meanwhile, Hive suddenly notified today (April 22, 2024) that it would take steps to suspend and dismiss Min Hee-jin as CEO, citing concerns that CEO Min Hee-jin would significantly damage Adore's corporate value. They say there is.

At the same time, the media is trying to play with absurd content, such as saying that CEO Min Hee-jin 'attempted to seize management rights.' How can a legitimate protest to protect the cultural achievements of its artist, New Genes, harm the interests of Adore, or how can it become an act of usurping Adore's management rights? It is something that cannot be understood through common sense. There seems to be intent.

Hive, Belif Lab, and Chairman Bang Si-hyuk did not make a proper apology or prepare countermeasures for this incident, but they seem to think that it will end if they simply kick out CEO Min Hee-jin from the company. But Adore has no intention of backing down. Adore will use all possible means and methods to protect the cultural achievements that New Jeans has achieved and prevent further infringement due to copying. Adore would like to make it clear that it cannot afford to sit idly by and watch the various unfair practices that continue against Adore and New Genes, including copying.

As Aillet's activities increase, Hive and Belif Lab may try to dilute the situation at the time of debut by highlighting only the differences with New Genes. As time passes, misunderstandings among fans and the public are likely to increase. Accordingly, Adore announced an official position after sufficient discussion with New Genes members and legal representatives.

We hope that this announcement will resolve the misunderstandings among fans and the public surrounding the 'Aillet's New Jeans copy incident'. We hope that with this announcement, Hive and Belif Lab will be able to face their mistakes and from now on contribute to our country's music industry and culture through respect for the cultural achievements of others and creation that has gone through intense consideration. thank you

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google