TOZ, from 'Boys Planet', confirmed to debut on May 2nd
TOZ, from 'Boys Planet', confirmed to debut on May 2nd
TOZ, a group from Mnet's audition program 'Boys Planet', will make its official debut in Korea on the 2nd of next month.

Group TOZ (Anthony, Haruto, Yuto, Takuto) posted a poster announcing the release of their album on their official SNS on the afternoon of the 8th.

The released poster contains the album name 'TO my new friends' along with the release date 'May 2nd'. And the logo design, reminiscent of TOZ's unique personality and overflowing energy, caught the eye. Beyond the poster, an object that appeared to be a light blue teddy bear aroused curiosity, heightening expectations for TOZ's new album and future content.

YY Entertainment, the agency, said, "If TOZ met Japanese and Korean fans and built bonds and experiences through 'FLARE' activities last September, they will achieve this through their debut album 'TO my new friends', which will be officially released for the first time in Korea. “We will begin full-fledged global activities,” he said. “Please look forward to TOZ’s activities as they travel the world through various contents and performances as well as music broadcasts.”

TOZ is a new boy group consisting of four Japanese members, Anthony, Haruto, Yuto, and Takuto, who made an early impression on domestic and international fans while playing in 'Boyz Planet'. Each member has built up a global fandom through individual activities since the broadcast, and succeeded in forming a team with great interest and love from fans. While their activities were centered around Japan, holding a debut showcase and fan meeting in Japan, they are also attracting attention from all over the world, including the United States and Europe.

Expectations are high for the next-generation global rookie TOZ, who will release his first mini-album 'TO my new friends' on the 2nd of next month and begin full-fledged activities.

Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google