Boy Next Door, is it going to be a self-produced idol? Some of the songs produced by participation were released.
Boy Next Door, is it going to be a self-produced idol? Some of the songs produced by participation were released.
Group BOYNEXTDOOR raised expectations for a comeback by releasing some of the newly released music.

Boy Next Door (Seongho, Liu, Myung Jaehyun, Taesan, Lee Han, Unhak) posted a track spoiler video for their 2nd mini album 'HOW?' on the Hive Labels YouTube channel and the team's official SNS at 10 PM on the 8th. . The video contains parts of 6 of the 7 songs included in the new album, excluding the English version of the title song 'Earth, Wind & Fire'.

The video was composed in a way that the members selected each track using a music streaming application, and the song played. Emojis and handwritten lyrics that match the mood of the song are inserted into the video, drawing attention, with settings such as a private studio, a recording studio, a night street, and a rainy roadside in the background.

The title song 'Earth, Wind & Fire' is a song that compares love to nature such as earth, wind, and fire. The members sang about the fluctuating emotions of love that does not go as planned, like nature cannot do what it wants. You can get a glimpse of the speaker's yearning heart in the lyrics included in the track spoiler video. As expected, the chorus inserted in the track spoiler contains an exciting rhythm, conveying the dynamic atmosphere of 'Earth, Wind & Fire'.

The first track, 'OUR', is a hip-hop song that cheerfully depicts a nervous and exciting first date. The bouncy sound and singing rap show off the members' clear personalities and skills. In 'Amnesia', which compares the appearance of lovers who repeatedly fight and reconcile to amnesia, the lyrical guitar riff and rhythmic drum beat create a unique atmosphere. 'So let's go see the stars' is a rock-based synth-pop song that romantically depicts a night date between two people in love. It features refreshing vocals, refreshing drum sounds, and synths that move up and down the musical scale. The melody is impressive.

'lifeiscool' (Life is Cool) is a song that depicts six young people coming together to talk openly about love and life. What stands out is that Jaehyun Myung, Taesan, and Unhak, who participated in writing and composing the lyrics, created 'customized parts for each member' that reflect the members' actual tendencies and charms. Track 6, ‘Dear. 'My Darling' is a rock ballad with a retro and vintage sound, expressed in the form of a short letter expressing the wish for the happiness of a loved one.

Myung Jae-hyun, Taesan, and Unhak demonstrated their creative capabilities by participating in writing lyrics and composing five songs, including the title song, among the six new album tracks included in Track Spoiler.

Boy Next Door's 2nd mini album 'HOW?' will be released at 6 PM on the 15th.

Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google