[Official] Ive's comeback confirmed on the 29th
[Official] Ive's comeback confirmed on the 29th
Ive (IVE: Ahn Yu-jin, Ga-eul, Ray, Jang Won-young, Liz, Lee Seo) announced their comeback in April.

According to his agency Starship Entertainment, on the 3rd, Ive released the coming video for his second mini album 'IVE SWITCH' through his official SNS channel.

In the released Coming Soon video, a white book with 'SWITCH' written on it appeared. When the six colored jewels were completed with one key, the book opened and a three-dimensional castle appeared. When the key was used to open the castle door, the book instantly turned into a gorgeous silver color and ended with a glow. At the same time, the release date of April 29th has been opened, raising expectations for the comeback.

Through a three-dimensional yet unique 3D coming soon video, Ive once again heralded their own unique concept and attracted global attention.

Ive, who built a strong fan base upon his debut, is captivating the public with the confident charm of independent girls. Ive, who swept the Rookie Award, Main Award, and Grand Prize at various award ceremonies within a year of his debut in 2022, proved his solid popularity by showing remarkable results on domestic and international charts last year as well.

The first full-length album 'I've IVE', released in April last year, recorded initial sales of 1.1 million copies, becoming the second million-seller following 'After LIKE', and the double title song 'I've IVE'. ‘Kitsch’ and ‘I AM’ recorded perfect all-kills on major music sites and maintained their top positions on the main charts in April and May.

Subsequently, the 1st mini album 'I'VE MINE', released in October last year, also recorded a career high in just 4 days of release, exceeding 1.6 million copies in the first week, and triple title songs 'Baddie' and 'Ether'. All three songs, 'Either Way' and 'Off The Record', dominated the main charts, once again showing off their potential in terms of album and digital music performance.

In addition, through the title song released in 2023, Ive won 2 awards for 'Kitchy', 9 wins for 'I Am' (achieving a Grand Slam), 1 win for 'Ethe Way', and 5 wins for 'Baddie' on music broadcasts, for a total of 17 wins. He showed off the dignity of recording it. Ive's popularity was confirmed through awards ceremonies. Ive won three awards at the 'Melon Music Awards', winning Album of the Year (Grand Prize), TOP 10, and Millions TOP 10, and was honored with the grand prize for two consecutive years. He also won the Best Artist Award at the '2023 Asia Artist Awards' and the 'Zero Artist Award'. It won the main prize in the digital music and album categories at the 38th Golden Disk Awards and the main prize at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards.

As such, attention is focused on how Ive, who returns from his America tour, will target the public's tastes six months after his first mini album 'Ive Mine'.

Meanwhile, Ive plans to raise enthusiasm for the comeback by sequentially opening teasing content through official SNS channels.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google