Kiss of Life returns with new album Midas Touch today (3rd)
Kiss of Life returns with new album Midas Touch today (3rd)
Girl group KISS OF LIFE releases a new album.

KISS OF LIFE's first single album 'Midas Touch' delivers the message of loving freely and truthfully rather than being afraid of others' opinions, with the theme of 'love', an emotion that comes to everyone at least once.

The title song 'Midas Touch' is a song with a rough but intuitive sound reminiscent of the mainstream of the 2000s, and the layers of symbolic sounds and synthesizers that dominated that era leave a deep impression. In addition, the members' unique voices and singing skills make KISS OF LIFE even more fascinating, leaving a strong impact on the public.

The included song 'Nothing' is an R&B track that reinterprets the medium tempo sound of the 2000s with a modern sensibility. The members' mature vocals are added to the rich sound created mainly by string instruments and keyboard, and KISS OF LIFE as a vocalist is added. You can feel the capabilities of

This album builds an organic story through tracks, from 'Midas Touch', which depicts the moment of falling in intense love the moment it touches your fingertips, to 'Nothing', which sings about the moment when feelings end when love is coming to an end, and it was once everything, but love was everything. It expresses the paradoxical side of love where nothing remains after it ends.

KISS OF LIFE, which has continued to grow by releasing two mini albums last year and receiving attention from the public and critics for its unusual musicality and perfection, is conveying its further grown musical capabilities and confident and confident charm through its new album. They plan to once again establish themselves as an irreplaceable girl group to the public.

Meanwhile, KISS OF LIFE's new album 'Midas Tocuh' will be released through various online music sites at 6 PM today (3rd).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google