Eunice Sold 50,000 copies within 5 days of debut
Eunice Sold 50,000 copies within 5 days of debut
The momentum of the group UNIS is fierce.

Eunice (Jin Hyun-joo, Nana, Jelly Danka, Kotoko, Bang Yun-ha, Elysia, Oh Yoon-ah, Lim Seo-won) released its first mini-album 'WE UNIS' on the 27th of last month and released the title song 'SUPERWOMAN'. They are actively engaged in activities.

Eunice has been gaining unprecedented global popularity since her debut. This topicality can be confirmed by the album's initial sales, music video views, and music chart rankings.

First, Eunice's debut album 'WE UNIS' surpassed 50,000 copies within 5 days of its release according to Hanteo Chart, an album statistics website. As a result, Eunice ranked 8th on the initial release rankings of all-time K-pop girl group debut albums. In addition, the album is ranked 2nd on Hanteo Chart's real-time album chart.

The music video is also strong. The music video for the title song ‘SUPERWOMAN’ recorded 2.5 million views within 24 hours of its release. Currently, it has achieved a total of 3.98 million views and is showing a steady rise.

Previously, Eunice stood out on the global music charts upon the release of her debut album. Immediately after its release, the album 'WE UNIS' topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in the Philippines and Qatar, as well as in Germany, Malaysia, the US, Singapore, the UK, Japan, Canada, Turkye and Australia. In addition, it was ranked at the top of Apple Music's top album charts in four countries.

The title song also achieved significant results. 'SUPERWOMAN' also entered the charts of major domestic music sites shortly after its release, ranking 15th on Bugs' real-time chart and 87th on Melon's HOT 100. In addition, it ranked highest on iTunes Top Song Charts in Macau and the Philippines.

These indicators show that a strong fandom has already been formed. Eunice is a group created through ‘Universe Ticket’ co-produced by SBS and F&F Entertainment. 'Universe Ticket', in which eight members were selected, is a program that has received attention not only domestically but also overseas. As such, Eunice has formed a huge fandom even before her official debut.

It is even more noteworthy that they have laid the foundation for their fandom through 'Universe Ticket' and, based on this, are showing rapid growth immediately after their debut.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google