IU promises to improve measures to eradicate ticket scalpers
IU promises to improve measures to eradicate ticket scalpers
Singer IU apologized to fans who were unintentionally harmed while trying to stop illegal ticket scalping and said she would find a better solution.

On the 3rd, IU's agency officially apologized to fan A, who had her concert tickets canceled and was permanently expelled from her fan club after being falsely accused of illegal transactions. The agency bowed its head to Mr. A and the fans along with a lengthy explanation of the situation.

Previously, Mr. A went to the Seoul concert held last month, but complained that he was classified as an illegal ticket trader and suffered the disadvantage of ticket cancellation and permanent expulsion from the fan club. However, while the agency was trying to figure out Mr. A's ticket purchase route, Mr. A was found to have said that 'a friend bought it on my behalf', but later changed his statement to 'only the deposit was made by a friend'.

The agency apologized for the issue and announced that it would revamp the system by ▲ easing the verification process for audiences of an age group that does not meet the criteria for issuing youth ID cards ▲ notifying explanation procedure manuals ▲ improving CS response to Melon Ticket customers ▲ secret inspector system, etc. .

In response, many fans applauded the agency's response with responses such as "It's great that the agency shares the situation in detail and apologizes when a problem is identified," and "There is trial and error to eradicate ticket scalpers."

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google