Youngpa, hot response to second EP XXL
Youngpa, hot response to second EP XXL
‘Tree Frog of the K-Pop Scene’ YOUNG POSSE has brought the 90s hip-hop sensibility to the music industry.

Youngpa (Jeong Seon-hye, Wi Yeon-jeong, Jiana, Do-eun, Han Ji-eun) released her second EP 'XXL' on the 20th, and ranked 60th on Melon HOT100 (within 30 days of release), Korea's largest music site. We achieved encouraging results by recording the above. In particular, the album's high level of completion and the five members' sincere passion for hip-hop are receiving positive reviews from domestic and foreign listeners.

The title song 'XXL' is a song that contains the ambition and aspirations of Youngpa, who, as the song title suggests, is growing her dream of becoming an 'XXL' size. Youngpa expressed his hope that the stage he will stand on in the future, the fans he will meet, and the future he will face will all be in the 'XXL' size over a cheerful old school hip-hop rhythm.

The response to the song is also explosive. Music fans who heard Youngpa's song said, "It's refreshing because it's proper hip-hop, not just one or two spoonfuls of hip-hop," "It's a big explosion and blessing for K-pop," "I put it on my playlist as soon as I heard the first verse," and "It's a rookie song." They are pouring out rave reviews, saying things like “It’s not quality” and “This is a group that hits goals in a good way.”

The performance of 'XXL' was supported by the dance crew Witham Boys, who appeared on Mnet's 'Street Man Fighter'. Youngpa uses her whole body to express the song's title, 'XXL', in various ways. As leader Jeong Sun-hye declared at the showcase before the comeback, “I will show you Youngpa playing on stage,” you can see the five members’ overflowing talent and skills. Youngpa plans to show off her unique hip charm with her colorful movements and confident facial expressions. Wi Yeon-jeong and Do-eun's pair choreography was outstanding, paying partial homage to Seo Taiji and Boys' 'Come Back Home' choreography.

In this way, Mr. Youngpa has been making extraordinary progress since his debut as a cheeky and eccentric tree frog who has to do whatever he wants to do in order to be satisfied. As a response, Fivio Foreign, an authentic rapper from the United States, recently shared Youngpa's music on his SNS, and popular European DJ Yellow Claw left a comment on Youngpa's official SNS, continuing the scene's shout out to Youngpa. . As the members are directly participating in song production and writing their own stories, attention is already being drawn to Youngpa's future moves.

Meanwhile, Youngpa will begin full-fledged 'XXL' activities starting with Mnet's 'M Countdown', which will be broadcast at 6 PM today (21st).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google