Bumkey releases full-length album The Obedient today (21st)
Bumkey releases full-length album The Obedient today (21st)
Singer Bumkey releases his first CCM regular album 'The Obedient' today (21st).

On the 8th, Brand New Music announced the comeback news by releasing the concept photo of Bumkey's regular album 'The Obedient' through official SNS channels, followed by the track list, mood sampler, online cover, music video teaser, etc. It raised expectations.

Bumkey's new full-length album 'The Obedient' is a full-length album released about 8 years after 'U-TURN' in 2016 and Bumkey's first CCM album. Bumkey personally selects CCM masterpieces that are loved by many people. Re-arranged in his own style, it captures Bumkey's religious beliefs, sublimity, and reverence for God.

In particular, this album consists of triple title songs. Famous CCM writer 'Sagongjeong' participated in writing and composing the title song 'Breath of God', and flutist Han Ji-hee participated in the other title song 'When the Lord Speaks', giving a variety of colors. completed.

Another title song is the CCM famous song 'Just the way I am', which was recreated with Bumkey's soft voice, and at the same time, a part written and composed by Bumkey himself was added to the second verse, making it even more special.

In addition, 'Way Maker', in which Bumkey's son 'Gianni' participated as a vocalist, 'God's Passion', a song presented to the angels of 'Goingale', a community for children suffering from pediatric epilepsy, and 'The Obedient', are sincere in their attitude. Bumkey's unique songs include 'You Sympathize', which talks about the essence of life, 'God is your protector', which is reinterpreted in the R&B genre, 'Abide in me', 'In Christ Alone', and 'Amazing Grace', which show off Bumkey's clear voice. A total of 10 songs containing the sensibility and trendiness of are included.

Meanwhile, Bumkey's new album 'The Obedient' will be released at 6 PM today (21st).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google