IU successfully concludes world tour Japan performance
IU successfully concludes world tour Japan performance
IU (IU, EDAM Entertainment) successfully completed her solo concert in Yokohama, the second city of her world tour.

IU successfully completed the '2024 IU HER WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN YOKOHAMA' held at the Yokohama Arena in Japan on the 23rd and 24th and presented an unforgettable stage to Japanese Uaena.

This performance was held following the solo concert in Seoul, which kicked off the world tour, and all tickets were sold out early in the advance reservation process, giving a sense of the fierce competition for this performance. Thanks to this support, all additional restricted-view seats were sold out, making IU's status felt local.

IU announced the start of the performance with 'Hole' and took time to express her sincere feelings in Japanese to the fans who filled the venue. Followed by ‘Apoo’, ‘Beep Bibi’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Blueming’, ‘Eight’, ‘Hold My Hand’, ‘See You Friday’, ‘Shopper’, ‘Night Letter’, ‘You and I’, ‘Shh’ He showed off his diverse charms by passionately singing his hit songs such as ‘..’ and ‘Twenty-Three.’ The local audience, whose eyes and ears were fascinated by IU's live and performance, also responded with enthusiastic cheers and applause, waving IK (official light stick). Here, the majority of the audience sang along and sang IU's Korean song together, making the scene warm.

In the encore order after finishing the official set list, IU sang different songs each day, including newly interpreted versions of 'Lilac' and 'Palette', as well as 'I Give You My Heart', 'End of the Day', 'Someday', and 'Epilogue'. It impressed the audience. In addition, the title song of the mini album <Can You Hear Me?> released in Japan in 2013 and the performance of 'Beautiful Dancer', which fans most wanted to see, was performed during the encore on the first day, bringing the atmosphere of the concert hall to its peak.

In particular, a video of IU, who personally visited the location to see the outdoor electronic billboard advertisement prepared by local fans, appeared on the performance VCR, surprising everyone.

IU said, “I heard everyone’s applause and ‘Eh~?’ I already miss the sound. I had a weekend better than my dreams with the incredibly lovely audience. thank you. I'll be back soon. “I love you!” he said, expressing his thoughts about the successful completion.

Meanwhile, after successfully completing the Yokohama concert, IU continues the excitement by visiting Taipei as the next city of her world tour.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google