Davichi reveals new song expectations
Davichi reveals new song expectations
The comeback of female duo Davichi is just one day away.

Davichi will release the new song 'I'll Be by Your Side' through various online music sites at 6 PM on the 26th.

‘I’ll Be by Your Side’ is a song released by Davichi about four months after the single ‘An Extremely Personal Story’ released in November last year. Davichi will once again prove its unique musical color and presence as a representative female duo in the music industry with a song that stimulates the public's emotions.

As it is an all-time great song that makes people completely immersed in the warm and fuzzy atmosphere of spring, there is increasing curiosity from fans and listeners of various ages, and there are three expected points to pay attention to Davichi's spring season song 'I'll Be by Your Side'. I pointed out the branches.

# Korea's representative female duo Davichi is back!

‘I’ll Be by Your Side’ is a song that combines Davichi’s trademark medium ballad with a faint melody and cheerful sound. Davichi captured the comfort of a spring day in the song, saying that he will always be by your side when you feel like an ordinary day is shabby or when you are in pain due to an unexpected ordeal.

Davichi has produced many popular songs such as ‘This Love’, ‘My Last Words I Never Said to You’, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, ‘Fanfare’, ‘Two Loves (Feat. Mad Clown)’, and ‘To My Old Lover’. Through this, they are receiving great love as a representative female duo in the music industry, both in name and reality. Accordingly, attention is focused on Davichi's upgraded musical color and chemistry in 'I'll Be by Your Side'.

# Spring season song to be presented as Davichi's proprietary ballad

As shown through concept photos and music video teasers, Davichi provides warm and sweet support and comfort to listeners through 'I'll Be by Your Side'. Additionally, Davichi's sweet yet unique harmonies are expected to captivate listeners' ears.

‘I’ll Be by Your Side’, which features Davichi’s refreshing voice, is expected to stimulate sweet excitement and empathy with a melody as warm as the spring breeze. Accordingly, we are looking forward to the birth of a new season song that will be filled with listeners' playlists this spring.

#Illustrated visuals… Unique concept digestion ability

Davichi is showing an upgraded side from music to visuals through the new song. The 'I'll be by your side' concept photo released prior to the comeback also attracted attention due to Davichi's mature charm. Davichi displayed a classic yet refreshing charm with pastel-toned one-piece styling, and showed a mature side with natural eye acting and poses, drawing a great response from fans.

Meanwhile, Davichi's new song 'I'll Be by Your Side', which returns fully armed with a variety of charms, will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 26th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google