Tomorrow by Together 6th mini album design topic
Tomorrow by Together 6th mini album design topic
Tomorrow by Together is attracting attention with its unique album design.

TOMORROW Videos and photos were released.

What particularly caught attention in the video was the compact ‘Light’ version. This album, which has a reversible package, is folded inside out and turns into a picture frame with photos of the members inside. It is receiving a positive response from fans with a design that makes it valuable not only as an album, but also as an exhibition item or collectible.

'minisode 3: TOMORROW' is an album that depicts the story of remembering a promise from the past and going to find the promised 'you' together, and contains the romantic narrative that 'tomorrow with you is hope and salvation.' Tomorrow by Together sought to differentiate themselves by incorporating the team's emotions and unique stories into the new album package.

The photobook exudes an analog sensibility by using a logo, classic font, and stamp design that appears to be expressed through light painting, while maximizing the fairytale atmosphere with a ribbon-type bookmark and artwork such as wings, roses, and foxes. Additionally, when the previous ‘Chapter of Names’ series and the new photo book are placed side by side, a hidden message ‘memores nominis mei’ (Remember my name) appears on the spine. This increases immersion in the team's narrative that the boy, who has overcome temptation and regained his identity and dream, 'name', is now going to find 'you'.

Tomorrow by Together presented a total of four concepts, raising expectations for their new album. In the 'Light' concept, a fantasy atmosphere was emphasized with group blonde hair and the desert, and in 'Ethereal', youth running toward their dreams was expressed with a strong rock star vibe. 'Romantic' was created like a masterpiece with objects such as roses and glass tubes and vintage tones, and in 'Promise', the members portrayed the unique setting of a prince who crash-landed in the city.

Tomorrow By Together, which has raised expectations for music and performance with its 'limitless' concept, will sequentially release the track list on the 26th, the album preview on the 27th, the title track snippet on the 28th, and the title song music video teaser on the 30th and 31st. .

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google