Super Junior-D&E's 'Ji Ji-bae' debate, "Just stop music broadcasts?" vs. "Excessive response."
Super Junior-D&E's 'Ji Ji-bae' debate, "Just stop music broadcasts?" vs. "Excessive response."
While the group Super Junior-D&E (Donghae Eunhyuk) canceled all music broadcasts due to the controversy over the title of the new song 'GGB', there is ongoing controversy regarding this.

On the 16th, Super Junior-D&E's agency, Odd Entertainment, said through its official account, "We are aware of the issues and opinions regarding this album's title song 'Jijibae' and have reached an internal agreement with the artist," and added, "We have reached an agreement with the artist and various internal issues. “After gathering opinions, we have decided to cancel all music broadcast activities scheduled after release.”

The agency said, "The song 'Ji Ji-bae' is a song that expresses the feeling of longing for an ex-lover with cute lyrics about a more friendly relationship, such as 'So pretty Ji-bae' and 'The rainbow we saw together,'" and added, "Like the concerns sent by fans, there is no negative response." “There was absolutely no intention to use it in any meaningful way,” he explained.

He continued, “Nevertheless, I am sorry that we did not think more carefully in advance about each person’s opinion about the times and the judgment that this word might be uncomfortable,” and added, “We discussed various methods, but there were almost no “Because all parts have already been completed, there are restrictions on changes,” he explained.

Although they stopped their music broadcasting activities, they decided to release content. “We want to show a lot to our fans, so we plan to release all the various contents we have worked hard to prepare,” he said. “We ask for your understanding.”

Super Junior-D&E planned to release their 5th mini album '606' on the 26th. However, controversy arose as some pointed out that the title of the title song 'Jijibae' was a derogatory word for women. There were reactions to this, such as "It's a title with a derogatory meaning to women. Does it just stop music broadcasting and that's it?" and "We're not going to do music broadcasting, we're going to do everything else, so what kind of half-explanation is this?"

However, there are examples of the expression ‘Jijibae’ being used without much difficulty in various music in the past. Previously, CL, a former member of 2NE1, was active by releasing her solo song 'Bad Girl' in 2013, and trot group Tutis released a song called 'Romantic Ji-Bae' in 2020. In response, there were opposing opinions, such as “Does ‘Jijibae’ really mean something degrading to women?”, “Isn’t it okay if it just wasn’t used in a derogatory way in the song?”, “There are fans who have been waiting, but stopping the music broadcast is an overreaction.” It comes out.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google