[Exclusive] ‘Mystic Blackpink Producer’ Teddy → Song Kang and Jeon So-mi, attention focused on ‘I-Land 2’
[Exclusive] ‘Mystic Blackpink Producer’ Teddy → Song Kang and Jeon So-mi, attention focused on ‘I-Land 2’
Expectations are rising, starting with The Black Label's head and representative producer Teddy, actor Song Kang, and singer Jeon So-mi.

Mnet's 'I-LAND 2: N/a' (hereinafter referred to as 'I-LAND 2') has confirmed its first broadcast on April 18 and is currently concentrating on filming. 'I-Land 2', which consists of mostly underage contestants, has been controversial even before broadcast, including abuse of power by the production staff, but on the other hand, there are many points that raise expectations.

First of all, it's Teddy. Teddy, who was a one-time member of the group, worked as a main producer at YG Entertainment after the group's activities ended and produced the groups Big Bang, 2NE1, and Blackpink. Currently, we are preparing to launch a new girl group that we produced ourselves. In fact, Teddy, who produced most of Blackpink's songs, has a reputation as a producer with outstanding capabilities and unrivaled sensibility. In particular, since he did not appear frequently on broadcasts and media, it stimulates curiosity about what kind of appearance he will show in 'I Land 2'.

Mnet, which previously joined hands with Big Hit's Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and created the group Enhyphen, is joining hands with Teddy through 'I-Land 2' to discover a new girl group. It remains to be seen whether the magic of Blackpink producer Teddy, who has made a leap forward into a global group, will work again this time.

Next, Song Kang plays an active role as a storyteller. In 'I-Land', which captures the competition and growth narratives of the participants by going back and forth between the spaces divided into 'I-Land' and 'Ground', the 'storyteller' is a symbolic figure who connects with viewers and leads the world view. Following actor Namgoong Min, who increased immersion with his heavy presence in Season 1, attention is being paid to what kind of performance Song Kang, who has shown off his diverse charms, will perform. In particular, Song Kang is scheduled to enlist in the military on April 2nd, so his appearance in 'I Land 2' is expected to be a good gift for many fans.

Actor Song Kang, who watched the growth of the applicants and became the next-generation storyteller who will lead the world view and narrative of the program, said, "I am happy to join the beginning of the journey of creating a new artist as a storyteller for 'I Land 2'. A newer story." “I will do my best to convey it well to the viewers,” he said.

According to Ten Asia's coverage (Ten Asia's exclusive report on the 11th), Jeon So-mi will appear in 'I-Land 2' due to her relationship with Teddy, the CEO of her agency The Black Label. However, what role he will play in 'I-Land 2' is kept secret. Expectations are high to see what Jeon So-mi, who won first place on 'Produce 101', the original Mnet audition survival program, will show in 'I-Land 2'.

Meanwhile, 'I-Land 2', which returns for its second season, is a special collaboration that has never been seen before, and is expected to capture the journey leading to the creation of a girl group that will lead a new trend in the global music market. The program's subtitle 'N/a' refers to the meeting of 'N', which stands for unpredictable diversity, and 'a' (alpha), which has infinite possibilities. ‘I-Land 2’ airs on April 18 at 8:50 PM.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google