YG Baby Monster reveals last member Ahyeon
YG Baby Monster reveals last member Ahyeon
The visuals of all seven members of YG's new girl group Baby Monster were unveiled, raising the expectations of fans around the world to their peak.

On the 15th, YG Entertainment posted ‘[BABYMONS7ER] VISUAL PHOTO | AHYEON' was posted. Ahyeon's poster, which was the final piece of the puzzle, was also revealed, and the 'whole body' was finally formed.

Ahyeon’s presence alone is overwhelming. Armed with deep charisma, Ahyun's photogenic gestures and captivating eyes immediately captured the hearts of viewers, and she even added a hip charm by matching a white fur jacket over a tube top dress.

Thinking back on Ahyun's image and the images of the six members that were released one after another, a strong concept is expected that is different from 'BATTER UP', which combines sportiness and hip-hop aura, and 'Stuck In The Middle', a pre-released song with a beautiful dress visual. The response is to do it.

Above all, through the release of two new songs, Baby Monster has already proven that they are an 'all-rounder' group with musical capabilities such as vocals, rap, and dance. Attention is focused on what kind of dazzling synergy the addition of Ahyun, who has made a brilliant appearance on the mound, will create.

Baby Monster will release its first mini album at midnight on April 1st. The album name is [BABYMONS7ER], which is a variation of the team's English spelling T with 7 symbolizing the seven members. Music fans' expectations are hotter than ever as the title gives a glimpse of the confident confidence of a complete Baby Monster.

In addition, Baby Monster plans to get closer to fans around the world through this album through various activities such as music broadcasts and fan meetings. In August, they plan to make their first appearance at Japan's representative music festival, 'Summer Sonic 2024', to expand their reach to the global stage and stamp their presence as YG's next-generation girl group.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google