BTS J-Hope releases main trailer for documentary series
BTS J-Hope releases main trailer for documentary series
“I think the most important thing is ‘learning.’”

BTS J-Hope posted the main trailer for the documentary series 'HOPE ON THE STREET' on the team's official SNS at midnight on the 14th (Korean time). 'HOPE ON THE STREET' is a documentary about J-Hope, who celebrates his 12th debut anniversary this year,'s journey to find his dream through 'dance', which penetrates his past, present, and future. J-Hope is depicted going on a 'dance tour' to places such as Osaka, Japan, Paris, France, New York, USA, and Seoul and Gwangju, Korea.

In the main trailer, J-Hope began by saying, “It started with dancing, and many things derived from that dancing,” and then added, “I’m curious. What kind of dance did I do and what were my roots? What is the future I dream of... “He honestly explains why he planned the documentary series.

J-Hope met in person with dancers active in various street dance fields such as Popping, House, Hip Hop, and Locking in each city. He said about the process of communicating and learning through ‘dance’ on the streets, “It makes my heart race. The feeling is so new... “It can be not only about dance, but also about life, and it is one of the processes of learning in many ways.”

J-Hope also said, “In the end, the answer came through singing and dancing. If we love and enjoy what we are doing and dance happily... With this confession, he reveals his love and positive energy for dancing. The trailer included J-Hope's freestyle dance and the beautiful scenery of each city, raising expectations for the main episode. In particular, the phrase 'Created By j-hope' at the end of the video suggests that J-Hope put a lot of effort into this documentary series.

This documentary and special album 'HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1', which started from J-Hope's idea, were planned and produced with the common theme of 'dance'. Each episode of the documentary and the songs included in the special album are closely connected in terms of content, message, and music.

Meanwhile, the first episode of 'HOPE ON THE STREET' will be released at midnight on March 28th. The video can be viewed in 240 countries/regions around the world through TVING, an online video service (OTT), and Prime Video, a global online video service.

The special album 'HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1' will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1 PM on March 29th, the day after the release of the first episode of the documentary. The new album's title song 'NEURON (with Gaeko, Yoon Mirae)' is a song that contains J-Hope's musical roots, motivation in life, and expectations for a new start.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google