Hwang Min-hyun releases new song 'Lullaby' today (13th)
Hwang Min-hyun releases new song 'Lullaby' today (13th)
“I sang it as if I was writing a loving letter, focusing on the subtle volume, beat, breathing, and delivery of the lyrics. “I hope it becomes a song of warm comfort that touches the hearts of many people.”

Singer and actor Hwang Min-hyun will release the digital single 'Lullaby' at 6 pm today (13th). This song is like a 'musical letter' that contains what he wants to say to all of his fans ahead of his brief farewell.

In ‘Lullaby’, Minhyun Hwang talks about ‘the darkest dawn before the morning comes.’ The lyrics, “It’s okay because the night that seems like it will last forever” and “You can rest for a while” clearly capture his hope that the darkness of the precious people waiting for the light can be a little more comfortable.

The lyrics, which stand out for their poetic sensibility, are placed on a vintage piano sound and lyrical string melody. Here, Hwang Minhyun's clear and clean voice is added calmly, as if he is reciting, raising expectations for the 'essence of a pop ballad'.

Hwang Min-hyun said through his agency Pledis Entertainment, “I pondered the meaning of each lyric and delicately melted the flow of emotion into each syllable. “At the end of winter, I would be grateful if you listen to ‘Lullaby’ with the heart to welcome the coming spring.”

Minhyun Hwang, who debuted in 2012, has incorporated his wide vocal spectrum, ranging from elegant and elegant high notes to soft low-pitched aesthetics, into various music genres. The new song 'Lullaby' in the pop ballad genre is a unique 'signet' that only Hwang Min-hyun can show, and is expected to remain in the public's mind for a long time.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google