'IU's best friend' Park Bo-gum, this is what IU said when she appeared as a concert guest
'IU's best friend' Park Bo-gum, this is what IU said when she appeared as a concert guest
Actor Park Bo-gum appeared as a guest at singer IU's last concert and sang passionately alone on stage.

IU held the '2024 IU HER WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL' at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 10th.

IU introduced the guest by saying, "There is a friend I want to introduce. He is the last guest of IU's Seoul concert. He is a reliable and wonderful friend. Although he is not a singer, he sings as well as a singer. If you see him in person, you will rub your eyes because he is so handsome." did.

Soon, Park Bo-gum's logo appeared on the screen, and Park Bo-gum appeared while saying hello. Park Bo-gum smiled and said, "I didn't really hear the cheers when I entered," and the fans responded with loud cheers. IU referred to Park Bo-gum as 'Jjang-chin' and said, "This is a place to introduce Jjang-chin and Jjang-chin (the audience)." She went off the stage saying, "Have a good time with Jjang-chin without me."

Park Bo-gum passionately sang ‘Spring Love, Not Cherry Blossoms’ and ‘Let’s Go See the Stars.’ Park Bo-gum said the reason for his guest appearance was, "I wanted to provide more support at the beginning of the world tour and the end of the Seoul concert." He then explained the background of his stage preparation, saying, "When I looked at the set list of IU's concert today, each part had a meaning. I heard that a romantic and lovely stage will soon follow, so I prepared a song to match that atmosphere."

IU is proving her popularity by selling out all tickets for her 4th concert in Seoul. Future performances will be held in 17 cities, including Yokohama and Taipei.

Reporter Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google