Oh My Girl's YooA releases first single album highlight medley
Oh My Girl's YooA releases first single album highlight medley
Oh My Girl YooA's first single album highlight medley has been released.

On the 11th, the agency WM Entertainment raised the comeback mood by releasing the highlight medley video of YooA's first single album 'Borderline', which will be released on the 14th, through its official SNS channel.

The released video captures the eyes and ears of the title song 'Rooftop', as well as parts of a total of three songs including 'Love Myself' and 'Shooting Star', as well as YooA's 'three colors per person' performance.

First, the title song of the first single album, 'Rooftop', is a hip-hop dance song with prominent string sounds and 808 bass, and YooA's unique voice and addictive melody further maximize the song's appeal.

It contains a total of 3 songs with a variety of moods, including 'Love Myself', which contains a positive message of loving yourself no matter what you look like, and 'Shooting Star', which has a free and mysterious atmosphere.

At the same time, Yua, who exuded confident steps and chic charisma, continued to show off her 'three colors for one person' charm every time the track changed with a quirky and lively one-man show performance in an elevator and acting with dreamy eyes, raising the level of immersion in the video. raised it.

Through her solo debut song 'Bon voyage' and her second mini album 'SELFISH', YooA proved her capabilities as an all-round solo artist with vocals, visuals and performance. Fans' expectations are rising for the new musical attempts that YooA, who is loved for her unique concept in each album, will show through her first single album 'Borderline'.

YooA's first single album 'Borderline', which was completed with the participation of K-pop hit makers such as lyricist Seo Ji-eum, composition team Solsire, and composer and music producer Ryan Jeon, will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on March 14th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google