Billy attends large-scale festival following show concert after releasing Japanese mini album
Billy attends large-scale festival following show concert after releasing Japanese mini album
The group Billlie is active in the local advertising industry in Japan, ranging from advertisements for famous clothing brands to global models.

Recently, a pictorial and video of the 'NEW BALANCE' campaign conducted with Billy were posted on the official website of Japan's ABC Mart. They attract attention by stylishly wearing fashion items that go well with any outfit in everyday life. The brand's unique identity stands out even more with an active pose.

In addition, Billy recently conducted a pictorial with fashion magazine NYLON JAPAN, showing off his unique lovely charm with a sporty look that reflects each member's personality. Prior to this, member Tsuki was selected as a model for the famous Japanese lens brand 'CRUUM' and has been active around the world, capturing advertisements for various brands such as beauty and clothing, captivating not only Korea but even Japan's Z generation. It gave an idea of Billy's high popularity and topicality.

Billy released his first mini-album 'Knock-on Effect' in Japan last month. This album entered the top of Oricon's daily album rankings immediately after its release, followed by the title song 'DOMINO ~ butterfly effect - Japanese ver. -'(Domino ~ Butterfly Effect - Japanese Version -) decorated the cover of Japanese YouTube Music and Amazon Music playlists. They knocked on the hearts of fans through various events, including holding show concerts and appearing on leading local media outlets. While this is spreading into the 'butterfly effect' that will captivate the archipelago, Billy is continuing his trend by attending the large-scale music festival 'K style PARY' held in Japan.

Meanwhile, Billy will appear at the '1st Asian Star Entertainer Awards 2024' to be held at K-Arena Yokohama, Japan on April 10.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google