Treasure regains first place on Billboard Japan... ‘REBOOT’ wins 2 awards
Treasure regains first place on Billboard Japan... ‘REBOOT’ wins 2 awards
TREASURE has successfully completed a large-scale Japanese tour and has proven its popularity by once again taking the top spot on Billboard Japan.

According to YG Entertainment on the 7th, Treasure's 2nd full-length album 'REBOOT' ranked first in 'Hot Albums' and 'Top Albums Sales', Billboard Japan's comprehensive album charts announced the previous day, and ranked 2nd. won the crown.

This is their second feat after going straight to the top of all relevant charts when their 2nd full-length album 'REBOOT' was released in August last year. Even though it has been a whopping 7 months since it was released, it has continued to be popular and long-running, charting for 32 consecutive weeks and 31 consecutive weeks, respectively. This is a point that once again makes us realize Treasure’s unrivaled position in the local music market.

The recently released third Japanese mini album 'REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-' is also gaining popularity. This album, which swept first place in 'Hot Albums' and 'Top Albums Sales' last week, ranked at the highest level, 3rd place, allowing TREASURE to be in the top 3 of two charts for two consecutive weeks.

In particular, it has a special meaning when you consider that 'Hot Albums' is an indicator that can measure not only the firepower of the local core fandom but also its wide popularity. It is interpreted that the release of a new album, a large-scale Japanese tour, and appearances on five major terrestrial broadcasting stations served as a catalyst for increased popularity in the local area.

In fact, Treasure's third Japanese mini album 'REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-', released on the 21st, is receiving a good response from music fans. It immediately topped the Oricon chart, Japan's largest music site, and the new song 'LET IT BURN' included in the first track ranked high on major local music charts, including No. 1 on Rakuten Music.

Meanwhile, Treasure recently successfully completed its second large-scale tour of Japan, '2024 TREASURE TOUR [REBOOT] IN JAPAN', which spanned 8 cities and 16 rounds, meeting 300,000 audiences. In addition, following the Asian tour starting in May, a Japanese fan meeting tour is scheduled for July, which is expected to spur the global upward trend.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google