Jang Min-ho’s national tour Seoul encore concert concludes.
Jang Min-ho’s national tour Seoul encore concert concludes.
Jang Min-ho's national tour Seoul encore concert ended successfully, giving the audience an unforgettable time.

Jang Min-ho's national tour Seoul encore concert, held on March 2nd and 3rd at the Grand Peace Hall of Kyunghee University in Seoul, was successfully completed amidst positive reviews from the audience.

This concert was held thanks to the earnest wishes and enthusiastic support of fans who wanted to see each other again after Jang Min-ho's national tour, which started with the Seoul concert in November last year and ended with the Incheon concert in February. The concert hall was packed for each performance. This is a meaningful performance that reflects Jang Min-ho's desire to meet the audience who filled him again.

Jang Min-ho, who met his fans again after a long time, opened the performance with the opening stage of 'Let the wind chime sound'. In response to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience from the start, Jang Min-ho communicated with the audience with heart-warming song selections, including 'Sangsahwa', 'Wish', and 'Route 7' (Sunday), expressing his feelings for Mint (fan club name). The rewording attracted attention.

Jang Min-ho, who greeted the audience warmly, presented a magnificent stage with spectacular performances of 'Stir', 'That's Life', and 'Drama' with the choirs who performed together throughout the national tour, and in between, he welcomed his fan club 'Mint'. The mention made fans smile.

Soon after, in the acoustic medley of audience-requested songs that can only be heard during Min-ho Jang's national tour, he passionately sang 'What If', 'One Spring Day', 'Today is a Young Day', and 'Father's River' (Sunday), as well as performing cover songs of Min-ho Jang's picks. In the concert hall, he performs his own songs that have not been easily seen in concert halls live, including 'My Heart Cries', 'You Know My Name', 'Did I Call You a Lover You Have to Hate' (Saturday), 'Yeonji', and 'Life Diary'. made it even hotter.

As the cheers in the concert hall grew louder, Jang Min-ho heated up the atmosphere with the stage of 'Thank You and I'm Sorry My Person', followed by 'Blunt', 'It's going to be a big hit', 'I want to sing', and 'Was it you' on the swing dance stage. They presented a set list full of joys and sorrows. In addition, 'Hiririk', which stands out for its collaboration with Korean dance, and 'Ah! The live performance of ‘My Love’ was enough to steal the hearts of the audience, and the finale was announced with the performance of ‘When I Bloomed Like a Flower’.

In response to the encore request from the audience, who were unable to send Jang Min-ho out of disappointment, and seemed to be leaving the stage, Jang Min-ho passionately sang 'We Were Young Back Then' and expressed his gratitude to each and every audience member, and spent time together through a special photo time event unique to the national tour. After sharing, the four-month long journey was concluded with the performances of 'The Man Speaks', 'Hope Train', 'Man to Man', and 'Reverse Life', marking the finale.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google