Belif Lab said, “Aillet, girls who know how to express the world from their own perspective.”
Belif Lab said, “Aillet, girls who know how to express the world from their own perspective.”
The 'Hive's youngest daughter' group ILLIT captured the hearts of global K-pop fans with their bubbly teenage 'super real' imagination.

Aillet (Yoona, Minjoo, Mocha, Wonhee, Iroha) released the brand film on the Hive Labels YouTube channel and Belif Lab's official SNS at midnight on the 4th. This approximately 3-minute video shows the individuality of each member while also inferring the color and identity of Team Aylet.

The video begins with the Eyelet members sitting together in an empty white classroom. Afterwards, the five members show off their witty charm by going back and forth between their imagined selves and their current student selves.

While dancing with earphones in, when the teacher in front of the blackboard turns around, she awkwardly poses a question (Wonhee), or flies through the air with wings on her back and comes back down the hallway when the principal sneezes (Lee Roha). There are a series of situations where the moment you grab the microphone and try to sing, you find yourself holding a mop (Yoona).

I imagined small boxes with team logos pouring out of lockers and filling the classroom indefinitely, but then I was returned to reality when one falling box hit my head and shattered it (Minjoo), and the image of my future self that I discovered while taking a selfie in the bathroom came to me. The scenes where Mocha disappears without any trace are also ingenious.

Each member falls into a fantasy like a mirage, but then returns to reality as if waking up from a dream. And finally, the five members, who changed from school uniforms to stage costumes, walked out between the giant letters, and at this time, part of the lyrics of 'This is My World' were revealed along with a mysterious melody, raising curiosity about their debut album.

The narrative, which maximizes the members' imagination, hints at the future direction and identity of Aillet, which stands for 'a group with infinite potential.' The agency, Belif Lab, said, “The brand film concept is about honest girls in their imaginations who are overly immersed in each moment,” and added, “Please pay attention to the imagination and stories of those who can see and express the world from their own perspective.”

Aillet's debut mini album 'SUPER REAL ME' will be released at 6 PM on the 25th.

Eyelet is the third girl group created by Hive and the first girl group presented by Belif Lab. It was formed through Belif Lab's girl group survival program 'RU NEXT?', which aired on JTBC from June to September last year.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google