Cravity proves their presence at an all-time level with their new album ‘Evershine’
Cravity proves their presence at an all-time level with their new album ‘Evershine’
Group CRAVITY (Serim, Allen, Jeongmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyungjun, Taeyoung, Seongmin) is making a comeback after 5 months.

According to the agency Starship Entertainment, Cravity will release its seventh mini album 'EVERSHINE' at 6 PM today (26th).

‘Evershine’ is a new album released 5 months after the 6th mini album ‘SUN SEEKER’ released in September of last year. Cravity, who has consistently depicted a cross-section of youth through previous works, sings about the shining moments of all the days ahead through 'Evershine'.

The title song 'Love or Die' is a song with a drum and bass rhythm that leaves a strong impression, and through the increasingly heightened atmosphere of the song, the strong will of 'if it's not love, I'll die' is revealed. Serim and Allen participated in writing the lyrics, completing Cravity's unique energetic vibe.

Prior to their comeback, Cravity released the highlight medley video of 'Evershine' through their official SNS on the 25th. Along with some of the sound sources for a total of six songs, a variety of videos matching the mood of each song were displayed, adding to the enjoyment of watching and listening.

The groovy and hip song 'C'est La Vie', the title song 'Love or Die' showing Cravity's signature style, and 'Cherry Blossom' containing Cravity's unique refreshing charm, festival vibes. Cravity's unique youth story evokes sympathy, from 'Mr.', which gives you a sense of humor, to 'Worst Thriller', which has a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere.

In particular, Alan participated in writing and composing the song 'Over & Over', not only proving his musical ability but also improving the quality of the entire album.

Previously, Cravity successfully completed their first world tour 'MASTERPIECE', which toured six cities in the Americas and throughout Asia, and established their global presence by releasing their first mini album 'Dilly Dally' in Japan. It shined.

Cravity, who is about to make a domestic comeback after 5 months, plans to write the most brilliant growth story and career through 'Evershine', which is completed with further developed musicality and record-breaking performance.

Meanwhile, Cravity's seventh mini album 'Evershine' can be found on various music sites at 6 PM today (26th).

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google