VANNER holds its first solo concert since debut
VANNER holds its first solo concert since debut
VANNER (Taehwan, GON, Hyeseong, Seongguk, Yeonggwang) will hold their first solo concert since their debut.

VANNER will hold a solo concert 'THE FLAG: A TO V' at Yes 24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul for two days on April 27th and 28th.

The name of the exclusive concert held this time, 'THE FLAG: A TO V', contains the meaning of using the flag as a driving force to run without limits, starting from zero base (A) and reaching Victory Voyage.

VANNER's strong will and passion can be seen in the released poster as well. From racing cars to racing flags, there are sensuous designs reminiscent of stadium tracks.

Above all, this performance has added significance in that it is the first solo concert held by VANNER since its debut in the music industry. Accordingly, VANNER is determined to present a high-quality performance through a parade of hit songs, including a flawless cutting performance, based on the group's exclusive patent and stable live that allows you to feel the true value of the group.

In particular, as this is their first solo concert since their debut, they plan to present an unforgettable performance by preparing not only a rich and spectacular set list containing VANNER's unique skills and charms, but also various and intimate communication with fans.

VANNER broke the record by exceeding 140,000 copies in the first week with its second mini album 'CAPTURE THE FLAG' released last month, and was also appointed as a public relations ambassador for Daejeon City. In addition, following the 'Hanteo Music Awards 2023' Hanteo Choice K-POP Mail Artist Award, the group has also confirmed the holding of its first solo concert since its debut, achieving career highs every day.

Meanwhile, VANNER continues various activities with the comeback title song 'JACKPOT'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google