Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
NCT Taeyong makes a solo comeback.

Taeyong will release his second mini-album 'TAP' on various music sites at 6 PM on February 26th, and prior to this, he will hold his first solo concert 'TY TRACK' at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on the 24th and 25th. ) is held.
Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
■ Self-expanded musical capabilities! A ‘complete artist’ proven by participating in exclusive lyrics and composition of all songs

With his second mini-album 'TAP', Taeyong plans to show his mature side as 'solo artist Taeyong' without hesitation. Previously, Taeyong participated in composing and writing lyrics for all songs in his first mini album 'SHALALA' released in June 2023, proving his sensitivity and versatile ability.

Taeyong expanded the scope of his participation in the production of his second mini album 'TAP' even more than his previous work. Taeyong, who independently wrote the lyrics for all the songs, wrote honestly and honestly about what he thinks and feels. He also participated in composing all the songs and was listed as number 1 in the credits for each song. In order to express the expanded world of music, they poured their unsparing capabilities into the entire album production process, including selecting a variety of genres, including hip-hop, pop, alternative R&B, and rock.

In particular, the title song 'TAP', which was selected with the hope that listeners would listen cheerfully, is a hip-hop genre song with a unique charm that combines rock and blues-style guitar sounds with groovy and modern drums and an 808 bass track. Taeyong wittily digests the lyrics, which depict a person expressing subtle interest as if indifferent to the other person, and through this attitude, he also conveys a confident message about behaving as you want.
Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
Three reasons to look forward to NCT Taeyong’s comeback
■ Taeyong’s music narrative unfolds at his first solo concert ‘TY TRACK’

The music that Taeyong put so much effort into creating is also performed in performances. Taeyong plans to convey his emotions to fans through music, performance, and unique production at his first solo concert, 'TY TRACK', to be held on February 24th and 25th.

In particular, as Taeyong is holding a performance ahead of the release of his second mini-album 'TAP' on the 26th, he will not only unveil the complete version of the title song 'TAP' of the same name for the first time, but also perform the more richly colored songs for the first time. .

In addition, Taeyong is recognized for his outstanding performance skills, expressive skills that immediately attract attention, and the ability to create original choreography. As expectations are rising for the variety of performances to be shown at the concert, Taeyong himself announced a performance with a cinematic composition.

■ High-quality teasing content that increases understanding and expectations for the album

Taeyong, who has been presenting various content to increase understanding of music and albums since his first solo activity, also released teaser content for this album to stimulate fans' curiosity.

First, the trailer video 'Searching for TY' played a role in raising expectations by combining the story of finding a new self as an artist and Taeyong's natural acting, which was followed by 'Persona' and 'Mystery'. The theme that runs through the second solo album was presented in a variety of ways, including teaser images expressing the concept of 'Ego' (Mystery Ego) and 'Original'.

In addition, Taeyong also released a highlight medley of some of the five songs included live, previewing the overall emotion of the album. As such, it is receiving favorable reviews for its high level of completion and interesting storytelling, starting with the teasing content.

Meanwhile, Taeyong's second mini album 'TAP' will be released on February 26th and consists of a total of 6 songs, including the title song of the same name.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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