Twice releases highlight medley of all songs from new album 'With YOU-th'
Twice releases highlight medley of all songs from new album 'With YOU-th'
Twice has released the highlight medley of their first comeback in 2024, 'With YOU-th'.

TWICE will release their new mini album 'With YOU-th' and the title song 'ONE SPARK' at 2pm on the 23rd. At 00:00 on the 20th, JYP Entertainment posted a video preview of all songs included in the new album on its official SNS channel, heightening the comeback fever.

This 'Album Sneak Peek' video starts with the original English single 'I GOT YOU', the title song 'ONE SPARK', the b-side songs 'RUSH', and 'NEW NEW'. You can listen to some sections of the new album's six tracks, including 'New New', 'BLOOM', and 'YOU GET ME'. In addition, once (fandom name: ONCE) has scenes of Twice always being together in their daily lives, you can feel the close bond.

The title song 'ONE SPARK' is a drum and bass-based genre that features a dynamic beat that stops for a while and then swirls again and a dreamy synth sound. Leading writers, including K-pop hit song maker Earattack and star composer Shim Eun-ji from JYP Publishing, participated. In particular, the brilliant voices and thrilling melodies of the 9 members stand out from just a few of the released sound sources, raising curiosity about the complete song.

Members Jeongyeon, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung's independently written songs also attracted attention as highlight tracks were released. 'BLOOM', written by Jeongyeon, is a song that sensuously expresses the process of flowering, and its beautiful vocal harmony is its charm. 'YOU GET ME', written by Dahyun, tells the story of how we can finally create a perfect world 'together' by filling our beautiful moments. 'RUSH', written by Chaeyoung, lovingly expresses the desire for the other person to approach her more actively.

TWICE is making a comeback with a new album that embraces youth, passion, and friendship. Those who are setting 'first' and 'best' records by traveling through large stadiums through their fifth world tour 'READY TO BE' will be releasing Mini 13 on the 23rd (Friday) at 2pm (00:00 Eastern Time). The album ‘With YOU-th’ is officially released.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google