The Boyz unveils its own content ‘1st The Boyz Regular General Meeting’
The Boyz unveils its own content ‘1st The Boyz Regular General Meeting’
The group THE BOYZ made people laugh by showing off their unstoppable sense of entertainment.

At noon on the 12th, in the self-directed entertainment content 'The 1st The Boyz Regular General Meeting', which was released through the official YouTube channel and SNS, the members of The Boyz had time to look back on the past year in celebration of the national holiday, Lunar New Year. This content, which gives a glimpse of each member's charm as well as their chemistry reminiscent of real brothers, has been recording a high number of views thanks to the positive response from fans since its release.

'The 1st The Boyz Regular General Meeting' is a self-limited video content that looks back on the past 2023 and seeks a new start for The Boyz in the new year of 2024. From the unusual meeting agenda, the members' unwavering discussion show, and the delightful chemistry, The Boyz's real daily life was captured from a new perspective.

The Boyz, who greeted the audience with their own entertainment content for the first time in a long time, radiated their unique energetic vibe and positive energy. The members who attended the regular general meeting asked questions such as ‘What has the third comeback left in 2023?’, ‘What’s wrong with members with 0 Instagram followers? Is this Bon Sae-yong?’, ‘Is the late fee being used transparently?’, ‘Why is Joo-yeon only talking loudly about Eric? ' Discussions were held with a variety of agenda items such as '. Finally, during the discussion, member Kevin unfollowed New's SNS in real time, causing laughter from those watching.

Next, class president Sang-yeon and vice-president Jacob proposed division of work among the members and held the 'The Boyz Business Manager Election'. Sangyeon complained of mental stress when the members told him to just go ahead, and made an unexpected comment, saying, "If we continue like this, I think we'll have to go to a monthly salary system. I think we'll have to go to a form of paying additional allowances from my tardiness account," drawing unexpected laughter. .

At the same time, the agenda of 'Is the next comeback okay as is?' was presented, raising expectations for the next comeback. The members said, "There is a new charm that is different from previous albums," and "This song is really good. Please look forward to it," and pledged to work even harder in 2024.

Meanwhile, The Boyz plans to continue communicating with fans through various contents, including activities both domestically and internationally.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google