RIIZE, cumulative streaming on Spotify exceeds 100 million
RIIZE, cumulative streaming on Spotify exceeds 100 million
The group RIIZE's previously released songs have surpassed 100 million cumulative streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform.

Based on Spotify's latest data released today (8th), RIIZE's debut song 'Get A Guitar', 'Memories', 'Talk Saxy', and 'Love 119' The total cumulative number of streams for a total of four songs (one one nine) exceeded 100 million.

In particular, these streaming indicators are more meaningful as they exclude RIIZE's English, Japanese, and remix version sound source and animation OST sound source, and at the same time, the number of monthly listeners on RIIZE's Spotify has increased to a maximum of 3.5 million.

Among them, 'Get A Guitar' has currently surpassed 40 million streams, and 'Love 119' is trending even faster, reaching 10 million streams in less than a month, so there is interest in Rise's streaming indicators that will be continuously updated in the future. This is collected.

Additionally, on the 7th (local time), U.S. media outlet UPROXX published an online article titled 'The Best Bets For Best New Artist At The 2025 Grammys.' They introduced 10 promising artists expected to be nominated for next year's Grammy Awards, and RIIZE was the only K-pop artist selected.

Uprocks said of RIIZE, “He is the hottest K-pop rookie. While K-pop is having a great influence on popular culture, it is surprising that there are no K-pop artists among the nominees for best new artist at the 2024 Grammy Awards. However, the Grammy Awards will soon follow global opinion, and we choose RIIZE as an artist to watch. “You can have high expectations,” he said.

Meanwhile, RIIZE debuted in September 2023 and has the meaning of 'a team that grows together (Rise) and dreams (Realize)'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google