‘Simultaneous activities in Korea and Japan’ Why NCT WISH’s debut is special
‘Simultaneous activities in Korea and Japan’ Why NCT WISH’s debut is special
There is a lot of interest in NCT WISH (SM Entertainment), which debuts on February 21st.

NCT WISH is a team with the ambition to support and achieve everyone's wishes and dreams together with NCT WISH's music and love, under the catchphrase 'WISH for Our WISH'. As attention is focused on NCT WISH's unusual move of promoting simultaneously in Korea and Japan after debuting at Tokyo Dome, we will look into why NCT WISH's debut is special.

# Possesses refreshing & neo DNA… NCT's last and new beginning

NCT WISH is the last team to focus on NCT's infinite expansion and is attracting attention as a new team for NCT. While inheriting the DNA of NCT, which is the culmination of the culture technology that SM has accumulated for 30 years, it also shows NCT WISH's unique color.

As the meaning of the team name suggests, NCT WISH is someone you can always find when you have something you want or are in trouble, and we want to support you through music. In line with the main keywords of wish, dream, and hope, the team color focuses on refreshing, while also providing a powerful and energetic charm through the 'NASA' performance video released prior to debut, while establishing the color of NCT WISH. They have an ever-changing charm that blends into NCT. In addition, 'legendary artist' BoA is expected to serve as producer and bring out NCT WISH's unique sensibility.

# ‘Stage of Dreams’ Tokyo Dome debut → MV filmed all on location in Spain

One of the reasons why NCT WISH's debut is a hot topic is because of their unusual debut scale. NCT WISH will attend the 'SMTOWN LIVE' performance held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on February 21st, unveiling the stage of their debut song 'WISH' for the first time and making a spectacular debut. Just performing their debut stage at the Tokyo Dome, known as the ‘dream stage’ for all singers, attracted the public’s attention due to their special move.

In addition, the debut trailer, world view video, and performance video that poured out along with the news of the debut received favorable reviews as content that showed off high-quality planning and production ability, arousing interest in NCT WISH among fans around the world and demonstrating a great promotional effect. . In addition, the music video for the debut song 'WISH' was filmed on location in Barcelona, Spain, and the music video that will combine the refreshing charm of NCT WISH with Barcelona, known as the 'City of the Sun', is expected to be of an unprecedented scale.

# Build rapport and narrative with fans

The six members, Shion, Riku, Yuushi, Jaehee, Ryo, and Sakuya, first made their faces known through SMROOKIES and their debut reality show 'NCT Universe: LASTART' last year. In the reality program broadcast through the OTT platform Tving, they not only proved their skills and charm by performing various mission stages in each episode, but also built rapport with viewers through their debut process.

Then, starting in September of last year, they began their pre-debut activities as NCT NEW TEAM (tentative name), and had their first meeting with NCT fans by performing on the pre-stage of the NCT group concert 'NCT NATION' in Tokyo and Osaka. They interacted more closely with their fans through a pre-debut tour of 24 shows in 9 cities in Japan. Since NCT WISH has made a mark with various contents such as broadcasts and performances even before its debut, this experience is expected to welcome the public and fans even after its debut, and is expected to serve as a solid foundation for NCT WISH to be active in both Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, NCT WISH plans to perform actively in Korea and Japan by holding their debut stage at Tokyo Dome on February 21st and releasing their debut single 'WISH' on February 28th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google