‘Comeback on the 26th’ CRAVITY, ‘Evershine’ tracklist revealed
‘Comeback on the 26th’ CRAVITY, ‘Evershine’ tracklist revealed
Group CRAVITY (Serim, Allen, Jeongmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyungjun, Taeyoung, Seongmin) sings about youth love.

On the 6th, the agency Starship Entertainment posted a tracklist image of Cravity's seventh mini album 'EVERSHINE' through its official SNS.

According to the track list, this album includes the first track 'C'est La Vie', 'Love or Die', 'Cherry Blossom', 'Mr.', A total of six songs are included, including ‘Worst Thriller’ and ‘Over & Over’.

Members Serim and Allen, who are expanding their musical spectrum through consistent participation in writing lyrics, doubled Cravity's unique energy by participating in writing lyrics for the new album's title song 'Love or Die' and the b-side song 'Mr.'

In particular, Alan will not only write lyrics for the last track, 'Over and Over', but will also participate in composition for the first time since his debut, demonstrating his skills as a producer.

'Evershine' is a new album released 5 months after the previous work 'SUN SEEKER', and is an album filled with Cravity's unique explosive energy. Singing about the shining moments of all the days ahead.

Expectations are high for the infinite growth that Cravity, synonymous with youth, who has colored the K-pop scene with youthful energy, will show through this new album.

Meanwhile, Cravity's seventh mini album 'Evershine' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google