Billy donates proceeds from MD sales of single ‘January 0 (a hope song)’
Billy donates proceeds from MD sales of single ‘January 0 (a hope song)’
The group Billlie, along with its official fandom Belllie've, donated to support the hearing impaired.

Snail of Love, an incorporated association, said, "Billy, along with his fans, donated 3 million won to support the hearing impaired. The donations delivered this time will be used for the sound companion support project for the hearing impaired." The donation was made by matching the proceeds from MD sales of Billy's digital single 'January 0 (a hope song)' released on the 2nd of last month by his agency Mystic Story.

Billy previously conducted a sign language challenge along with the release of his new song 'January 0 (a hope song)' and received favorable reviews from K-pop fans at home and abroad. The sign language challenge, which was carried out with the members' ideas, was heartwarming as it was subtitled 'a hope song', with the hope that the hopes of everyone who listens to the song will come true by communicating in more languages.

Billy recently made his first appearance at the '33rd Seoul Music Awards' held at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, and won the 'Best Performance Award' given to the group that showed the best performance in 2023. In addition, Billy posted his 4th mini album 'the Billage of perception: chapter three' on 'The 25 Best K-Pop Albums of 2023' selected by the U.S. Billboard in December last year, proving that there is a solid story. Billy proved that he has established himself as a K-pop artist representing the 4th generation through his high-quality music and performance.

Meanwhile, Billy will release his first mini album 'Knock-on Effect' in Japan on the 7th. The new album includes the title song and Japanese original new song 'DOMINO ~ butterfly effect - Japanese ver. -'(Domino ~ Butterfly Effect - Japanese Version -) A total of 5 songs including Wool are included. They plan to hold a show concert 'Billlie SHOW-CON "Domino Effect" IN JAPAN' at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo on the 9th, immediately after the album's release, and interact with local fans.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google