Ahyun hasn’t joined yet… Baby Monster, clean purple scent
Ahyun hasn’t joined yet… Baby Monster, clean purple scent
YG's new girl group Baby Monster has released an image that gives a glimpse of the concept of their new song 'Stuck In The Middle'.

YG Entertainment posted BABYMONSTER - TITLE 'Stuck In The Middle' on its official blog on the 26th. This poster is an exquisite combination of the scenery reminiscent of a fantasy fairy tale and the subtle aura of Baby Monster.

Baby Monster, wearing a bright white tone dress, immediately caught everyone's attention with her elegant yet neat visuals. Here, the starlight, planets, and purple flowers that embroidered the sky came together to create a mysterious and dreamy mood.

Above all, the atmosphere is quite different from the energetic appearance that Baby Monster has shown so far. Those who left a strong impact by exuding unusual charisma in their debut song 'BATTER UP' are paying attention to what kind of transformation they will make to capture the eyes and ears of global fans.

Baby Monster will release its second new song 'Stuck In The Middle' at midnight on February 1st. While a new genre of song was announced that would focus solely on the members' outstanding singing skills and unique tones, the powerful production team worked hard to ensure perfection.

The first mini album is also scheduled to be released on April 1st. A detailed roadmap has been planned under the full support of YG, and member Ahyun has confirmed her return and is about to begin full-fledged seven-member activities, so there is a lot of interest in Baby Monster's active activities.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google