NCT 127 hit song 'Fact Check' remix version released today (26th) at 2 PM
NCT 127 hit song 'Fact Check' remix version released today (26th) at 2 PM
The remix version of NCT 127's hit song 'Fact Check' will be released today (26th).

SM Entertainment's EDM label ScreaM Records is currently working on the 'iScreaM' project, which releases remixed versions of SM artists' songs, and is releasing its 29th single, 'iScreaM Vol.29: Fact Check (Mysterious; 不可思議). ) Remixes' will be released on various music sites on January 26th at 2pm.

This single is a collaboration between new DJ and producer 2Spade, producer Jflow, and rapper Jjangyu, who released their debut EP 'Shadow' on ScreaM Records last year and are attracting attention in the overseas EDM scene with their strong colors. HYPNOSIS THERAPY participates, and two versions of remixes that recreate the original song in a different way are included.

The 2Spade version is a bass EDM song that adds the gorgeous rhythm of Balinese funk and Brazilian funk style to the original dance genre song, adding an overall dynamic change, and the HYPNOSIS THERAPY version is an acid techno song with an impressive hook chanting part shouted by Jjangyu, dub. Variations between various electronic genres such as , Jungle Terror, etc. maximize auditory pleasure.

The title song 'Fact Check' of NCT 127's 5th full-length album 'Fact Check' is a song that combines strong and heavy Afro rhythm with explosive energy performance, exciting fans around the world and ranking first on various global music charts. , received a lot of love, including taking first place on music shows.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 will hold its third world tour 'NEO CITY – THE UNITY' from January 27th to 28th at Thammasat Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google