AB6IX, comeback today (22nd) [Q&A]
AB6IX, comeback today (22nd) [Q&A]
Group AB6IX is making a surprise comeback with the new album 'THE FUTURE IS OURS: FOUND'.

AB6IX will release their 8TH EP 'THE FUTURE IS OURS: FOUND' at 6 PM today (22nd), ending their series of albums and showing off their bright future ahead.

AB6IX laid the foundation for growth by revealing their pain and wounds through 'THE FUTURE IS OURS: LOST', which was the beginning of a series of albums released in May 2023, and expressed their will through the new album 'THE FUTURE IS OURS: FOUND'. They plan to provide hope and courage not only to themselves but also to all the public who listens to their music with a new message of hope discovered through maturity.

The title song 'GRAB ME', in which member Lee Dae-hwi participated in writing the lyrics and contains sincerity in the lyrics, is a song containing AB6IX's promise and resolve to overcome with love and faith with fans without letting go of hope even in moments of despair. It is a song full of energy and guitar. It is a pop rock dance song with outstanding sound and hopeful melody line.

In addition, 'WHISTLE', a hip-hop dance track with an addictive whistling sound leading the entire song, 'TRAVELER', a pop rock track that compares difficult past days to travel, 'ALL NIGHT', a unique pop R&B track with a trendy and sensuous sound, and 'ALL NIGHT', a unique pop R&B track with a trendy and sensuous sound. The album was filled with a variety of genres, including 'ILY (I LOVE YOU)', a song in response to the unwavering love of fans who have always been by their side.

AB6IX previously heralded upgraded performances and a well-made album with various comeback promotional contents such as track list commentary, music video teaser, and album preview, raising expectations for the new album to its peak.

In addition, on the 21st, the day before the comeback, they communicated with fans through YouTube comeback live, listened to the music, unboxed the album, etc., and had time to directly introduce the album, and performed the title song 'GRAB ME' and the b-side song 'TRAVELER'. The performance video was pre-released and received an explosive response from fans, further heating up the comeback fever.

Meanwhile, AB6IX (Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hwi)'s new album 'THE FUTURE IS OURS: FOUND' will be released through various online music sites at 6 pm today (22nd).

Below is a Q&A to commemorate AB6IX's comeback.

Q1. A comeback was announced starting in 2024. How do you feel about the comeback?

Woong: As this is an album we worked hard to prepare, we will do our best. I'm a little nervous thinking about meeting my fans on stage after a long time!

Donghyun: It feels like a great start! As we enter 2024, I feel very happy to be able to show our good side through our comeback.

Woojin: I think we were able to start the new year more energetically through this comeback, and I hope this year will be off to a good start.

Daehwi: It feels like it’s been a while since we released an album. Because this album has been in preparation for so long, it feels even more exciting and precious. I will enjoy this album and show you what I worked hard to prepare.

Q2. I know that this album 'THE FUTURE IS OURS : FOUND' is a series of the album 'THE FUTURE IS OURS : LOST' released last May. Please introduce the album and what AB6IX wants to show through this album. ?

Woong: We are back with our 8th EP, and as always, it is filled with songs from a variety of genres, just like our gourmet songs. If we expressed the emptiness and darkness we felt in the last 'LOST' album, I think we will be able to show a hopeful side in this 'FOUND' album.

Donghyun: It contains a hopeful story with a different atmosphere from the previous work. I think fans will like it because I worked hard on not only the title song but also the included songs. Through this album, I want to show AB6IX's attitude and heart towards music.

Woojin: As it is the beginning of a new year, we have included a lot of new and fresh music in the album. It contains both fun and emotion, so I hope you look forward to it. We will do our best to provide you with more fun to watch and listen to than your expectations.

Daehwi: This album is filled with the hope that everyone who listens to it will regain something important in their lives. In fact, I thought that it was not something that was lost (LOST), but something that I had not found yet. I want to show AB6IX’s even more upgraded performance through this album!

Q3. What is the title song 'GRAB ME' and what did you pay the most attention to while preparing it?

Woong: It's a song that contains the messages, 'Don't let me go even at the edge of a cliff' and 'I can go anywhere with you.' It seems like a lot of attention was paid to facial expressions and performance to show a different image from previous albums.

Donghyun: The title song 'GRAB ME' is a pop rock dance song that tells the story of AB6IX, who finally found the answer through hardship and adversity. I put a lot of effort into enjoying the stage itself and showing the energetic side that comes from having fun.

Woojin: It is a hopeful and bright song that cries out for you to hold my hand as I try to move forward in the midst of darkness and despair. We paid a lot of attention to singing and dancing during the chorus section where the song's mood changes.

Daehwi: ‘GRAB ME’ is a song with a bright message that even when moments of despair come, we should not let go of hope and overcome it together. Personally, since I worked on the lyrics, I prepared by focusing on what message and how to convey it through this music.

Q4. Other than the title song, which song would you recommend the most and why?

Woong: I would like to recommend a song called 'WHISTLE'. As I said in the tracklist commentary, I think it is AB6IX's strong song, but it has a sexiness in it, so I hope you will listen to it.

Donghyun: I would like to recommend the song ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’. I think that everyone who listens to it will have a positive impact on it because it is a song filled with gratitude.

Woojin: ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’ is a fan song made with the fans in mind, so I think the fans will like it. I really like this song and I hope you listen to it a lot.

Daehwi: ‘TRAVELER’ is a song written that compares life to travel. Just as you go on a trip and relieve stress when you are too tired, I hope this song will be like a trip to many people who are tired.

Q5. What are your aspirations for this activity and what do you want to say to your fans?

Woong: This is the album everyone has been waiting for, so we, AB6IX, will do our best to show you our best! We ask for your continued interest and love for our performance in the future. The weather is very cold these days, so please be careful not to catch a cold. I love you❤

Donghyun: As always, I will try to work hard. Since you've been waiting so long for our comeback, we'll show you a lot of really cool things.

Woojin: I hope this is an album that will satisfy the fans as they have been waiting for a long time, and I will show them good music and a good stage.

Daehwi: We are really grateful to the fans who have been waiting for our album. As expected, we did our best to prepare this album and plan to do our best in our activities as well. Watch me.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google