Press conference commemorating the release of Nmix ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’
NMIXX  “New album name = magnetic chemical symbol, breaking down hard walls and making them soft”
NMIXX “New album name = magnetic chemical symbol, breaking down hard walls and making them soft”
Group NMIXX (Bay, Gyujin, Haewon, Jiwoo, Lily, Seolyoon) introduced the name of their new album.

NMIXX held a press conference commemorating the release of its second mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK' at the Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel on the 15th at 2pm. This comeback comes about 6 months after the 3rd single 'A Midsummer NMIXX's Dream' in July of last year.

On this day, NMIXX said about this new album, "It is our third series. The journey to Mixtopia is disrupted by being destroyed by the Absolute. It is a series about the time of staying in reality and reorganizing." At the same time, he introduced Fe3O4, saying, "It is a chemical symbol like a magnet," and "This is a song created by NMIXX to show new charms of girls with magnetism."

Seolyun then said, "In order to get to Mixtopia, we are challenging the conceptual practices of the real world. This can be said to be our first challenge," and clenched her fists, saying, "Our goal is to break down the hard walls in the world and make it flexible and soft."

The title song 'DASH' is a MIXX POP genre song that boasts a dynamic development by crossing between old school hip-hop, characterized by a groovy bassline, and pop punk with a strong sound. The message of pioneering one's own path rather than following a set roadmap is conveyed through bold lyrics such as 'Tread the road you have never been on' and 'You just have to follow the sound of your beating heart. Don't stop, don't hesitate.'

In addition, 'Run For Roses', as well as 'Soñar (Breaker)', 'BOOM', 'Passionfruit', and 'XOXO', which were pre-released in December 2023. A total of 7 songs are included, including '(XOXO) and 'Break The Wall'. Leading domestic and international writers, starting with Young K and including famous lyricist Lee Seo-ran, worked together to complete the song.

Released at 6pm on this day.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google