NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
NMIXX returns to the public with a new mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK'.

NMIXX will officially release its second mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK' and title song 'DASH' at 6 PM tomorrow (15th). This is a new album released about 6 months after the 3rd single 'A Midsummer NMIXX's Dream' in July of last year, highlighting the attractive elements of the new album 'Fe3O4: BREAK'.

# The third series, ‘Fe3O4’, which gets into the ‘main point’ of the worldview

NMIXX, which took its first step into the music industry on February 22, 2022, is conveying freshness to fans by combining the group's music with an exciting world view centered on a space called 'MIXXTOPIA'.

The third series, 'Fe3O4', which begins with the 2nd mini album, will cover the story of what happens to NMIXX who stays in the real world called 'FIELD'. In the animated teaser video, NMIXX, which conveyed bold determination and hopeful messages such as "Because we have to create our utopia ourselves" and "After tens of thousands of falls, we will eventually fly away like a free dodo bird," tells a new story through this album. Fans' hearts are pounding to see what will unfold.
NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
# Pre-released song full of confidence & support from leading writers including DAY6 Young K

The new album includes the title song 'DASH', followed by 'Soñar (Breaker)', 'Run For Roses', 'BOOM', 'Passionfruit', A total of 7 songs were included, including 'XOXO' and 'Break The Wall'.

This album is heralded as the birth of another masterpiece with the support of a brilliant team of writers. 'Run For Roses' had lyrics written by 'K-pop's representative band' DAY6 Young K and famous lyricist Lee Sran, while 'BOOM' was composed and arranged by Ryan Jeon. In addition, credits include the global production team THE HUB, which worked on NMIXX's debut song 'OO' and the 2nd single title song 'DICE', and the world-class production team LDN Noise. It added more color to NMIXX's music world.
NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
NMIXX, the reason why this comeback is ‘real’
# 'MIXX POP' personality + 'K-pop 4th generation most talented girl group' capabilities = 'DASH' short form challenge prediction of success

The title song 'DASH' is, as the title suggests, a song that charges fiercely towards the listener. It is a song of the group's unique 'MIXX POP' (mix pop) genre, and the dynamic development that crosses between old school hip hop and pop punk combines with the members' singing skills, harmony, and rap to double the fun of listening. NMIXX's musical personality meets the capabilities of the '4th generation K-pop most talented girl group' that boasts unwavering live skills while performing powerful performances, showing a special presence in short-form content.

Like the 'Big Wave' challenge from the 2nd single title track 'DICE' and the 'Scheme' challenge from the pre-released song 'Soñar (Breaker)', the short-form challenge captures the fun elements of each song and presents them with a performance, attracting K-pop fans. Captivated. The challenge section of the new song 'DASH', which was released on NMIXX's official SNS channel at midnight on the 14th, consists of catchy point choreography and members' performances while the lyrics "I wanna dash, I wanna dash I wanna run it, run it Dash" are repeated infinitely. The speed control was outstanding.

“Always leave the seat next to you empty. Anyone who wants to get on it”, “Pull it up to infinity”

Just like the lyrics of the title song 'DASH', attention is focused on the momentum of the six members of NMIXX in the new year of 2024, who will ride in the seat next to anyone who is attracted to NMIXX like a magnet and run to infinity. The 2nd mini album 'Fe3O4: BREAK' and title song 'DASH', which brings together countless charms and shines colorfully, will be officially released at 6 PM on the 15th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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