Monsta X I.M, comeback confirmed on the 23rd
Monsta X I.M, comeback confirmed on the 23rd
Group Monsta X's IM will make a comeback with a new single in 2024.

According to Sony Music Entertainment Korea (hereinafter referred to as Sony Music), I.M. plans to release a digital single on the 23rd.

In addition to the surprise comeback news, I.M also released two mood posters through the official SNS channel. The poster image contains a release notice saying '2024.01.23.6pm' and a mood that perfectly matches winter.

In particular, I.M.'s attractive side line, which creates a languid yet cozy atmosphere with white knit styling, boasts its own warm visual.

Currently, I.M. is actively engaging in group and solo activities. I.M., who signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music in 2022 and set out on his own, announced a new emergence with the mini album 'OVERDRIVE' and even successfully completed his first solo showcase.

I.M. has shown his true worth as an 'all-rounder musician' by not only writing lyrics and composing music, but also producing. Naturally, interest is growing in the unique style of music that I.M. will show through this digital single.

I.M.'s digital single will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM on the 23rd.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google